How can I remove slander online?


How to Remove a Defamatory Blog Post or Website ?


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A nude picture can become viral within minutes on social media. Imagine you spend years building up your resume, reputation and image then within minutes your reputation is down the drain.


There are many different types of sites that defame like,,, cheater sites like,, online court records, Yelp reviews,,, revenge porn sites.


​We remove negative content from Google faster than any other company. We also provide guarantees on all the work we do. Our process first starts by analyzing the link, how its affecting you and then apply our proprietary techniques that involve legal and technical to get the link removed. When items are removed we work on getting them completed removed from the source, then removing the outdated cache from Google.

We are experts in deleting and removing search results from Google and all search engines. If you have personal information, negative news articles, reviews, complaints, images, videos, social media…


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We can de-index, remove information from Google cache, remove content from the source, and make sure that when people search for you or your business on the Internet, they no longer see the negative content that you don’t want them to see.


The Solution: To Remove Negative Information from Google

With the constant upgrade of Google algorithm to create the best search experience for its users.


One of the latest updates is – “Project Owl” that mainly targets fake news and inappropriate search suggestions with a three-pronged approach:


1. Better suggestions for search with a new feedback

Google suggests popular and top-searched topics with its “autocomplete” functionality. When you type a word or phrase in the search bar. Google will automatically provide a few options to complete your search based on the way other users have searched similar topics in the past.


With the advent of Owl update, Google enables users to report on any Autocomplete search prediction to provide important feedback to help make necessary algorithm changes, removing search suggestions considered hateful, violent, sexually explicit, or otherwise false or misleading.


2. Updated feedback form for “Featured Snippets”

“Featured Snippets” is another Google component that has come under fire recently. These are high-ranking search results highlighted by Google and featured at the top of the page. These snippets are what new technology such as Google Assistant and Google home use in response to a user-generated question as they are meant to provide the best and most accurate information.


Similarly, Google has also implemented a new feedback form for “Featured Snippets”, allowing users to let Google know if the information provided was helpful, harmful, misleading, or completely inaccurate. Users get options to leave comments or suggestions to further improve Google’s efforts in optimizing search.


3. Algorithm updates – a gain of better emphasize and promote authoritative content while devaluing low-quality content including offensive or misleading content.

Including authoritative content, Google is working to improve not only snippets and featured content but all content for all results. While the details of algorithm changes will not be released, ranking for high-quality, authoritative content is on the up and up.

Other companies and platforms are working alongside Google to answer “how to push down negative search results on Google“. So that, they can bring an end to fake news and fake content online.


Facebook has also begun to improve, banning fake news sites from its ad network. A new software recognizes fake online profiles with made up information. Also, the software improves internet safety for younger users. As well as help companies to track reviews attacking their business.


No doubt, the internet has been a boon and curs for groups and individuals to express themselves. Promote their brands, share information, and engage with other online users from all across the globe. However, there are still some exceptions and needs for improvement to the system.


There is no perfect formula to remove negative news from Google. However, there are some awareness and smart steps that can help you.


Experts at Removing Google Search Results

We are experts are Googles removal process and procedures. We have years of experience getting rid of content that damages people’s reputation and causes them distress. There are many different tactics that we know in order to get the most success and repair your reputation.


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Having negative content showing up in Google is so bad for your image.

We Can Repair Your Online Reputation

As a business you can’t compete with other companies when you have negative search results.


Everyone uses the Internet to do research before using a company and if they find bad reviews, complaints and negative information they will not do business with you.

Reputation is everything, and Google is the biggest search engine in the world.


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Removals are always permanent. If any of the sites were to post again we would remove them again at no cost to you.

You should never pay twice for anything. We also work with search engines to properly remove the outdated content once it has been removed from the site. We make sure to remove all traces of it.