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How to protect your Cyber Reputation using advanced Cyber Reputation Defense technologies .


Your Digital Reputation can be damaged easily , we at Cyber can take down harmful articles and posts from the Internet .

If you have had online news or media articles published about your criminal case where you were: then you may be able to have these online news and media articles removed. Please get in touch with us today to discuss removing online news and media articles that you feel are hampering your progress.


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When you have a poor reputation, customers are likely to stay away you and don't like to utilize your enterprise. Simply speaking, the internet reputation of your company is the gatekeeper for the other kinds of marketing. It will help to earn a high reputation for your internet enterprise. It makes a reputation among potential clients. It features improving the industry reputation of a firm generally.

The monitoring of reputation needs to be performed very carefully. This management is just protecting and improvising your internet presence. Reputation management isn't only achieved by employing search engine optimization to the extent possible, but additionally it includes social media presence and client interaction. Online reputation management is vital for e-business. It offers you the opportunity to control the way you are portrayed on the Web. It includes tracking a companies activity and online presence as well as taking into account the views that other people have about this company. With everybody online using computers reputation management will get much bigger much faster because companies should safeguard the reputation.

The best way to delete something from a website is to ask the site owner to take it down. However, it’s important to remember that websites are usually under no obligation to remove something just because you ask. Websites are only obligated to remove content for a very few, specific reasons; not liking how you look in a picture or being offended by what someone writes about you isn’t enough.

The good news is that even though websites don’t have to delete content, they might do it anyway as a favor to you.


Therefore, it pays to always ask nicely!

Find the right person to ask
If the author of the piece is listed and has provided contact information, it’s a good idea to contact him or her first and politely explain what is bothering you about the article. If the author is not listed or refuses to help you, you should reach out to a webmaster, website editor, or another individual who has the authority to delete the article.


This way, you avoid having to navigate through a chain of decision makers, thereby reducing the chances of your request

getting lost in the shuffle.

To find the correct email address, you can use tools like or They both have similar search features. Simply type in a domain name (for example, into the search field, and they will pull up contact information for you.


To convince someone to help you (especially when that person has no legal reason to do so), you must make a compelling argument. Imagine you are a lawyer trying to sway a jury. This means you should be able to provide supporting documentation, like screenshots,

to back up your claims, if applicable.

In your email, you’ll need to concisely describe the information you want removed and explain why it should be taken down. Focus on the facts and try not to be overly emotional.


However, you still want the other person to sympathize with you, so you should frame the situation in a relatable way.


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You may be in SEO industry for two or three years now and have been using different tools to put on traffic. The business pays a little set fee each time users click the ads. Modern organizations are too related to feedback and the media. Companies, large and small, often find it challenging to manage each of their data efficiently.

For example, if the article falsely claims that you are untrustworthy, you can explain how this has limited your ability to get a job. Or, if the content contains personally identifying information that exposes you to physical or online harassment, you could describe the

emotional trauma this has caused you.

If you’re dealing with a social media site or blogging platform, check the site’s Terms of Service (or “TOS”), to see if the content you want to be removed violates any of these rules. Most sites ban obvious slander or similarly abusive behavior and ways of reporting these violations on the website. So, you have a better chance of getting the content removed if you can demonstrate how the article you

are concerned about violates the site’s TOS.

If you the person you asked to delete the content is still resistant to helping you, you should ask if he or she can revise the problematic content in some way. Even if the website owner has a strict policy about never removing content, he or she could still help you out by:

Using robots.txt to stop Google from indexing the content

Replacing your name with a fake one
Updating the post to address your concerns or clarify the situation
In your email, keep your tone professional and polite. Make sure to thank the person you’re addressing for taking time to review your situation and let him or her know you are willing to provide additional information, if necessary.