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How to get rid of negative search results

How to get rid of negative search results ?


You googled yourself or the name of your business and you are now shocked to discover that negative reviews , negative articles or some bad consumer complaints are showing up in your Google search results ?


Now what ? The first and most important thing to do is to understand that replying to those reviews , posting feedbacks , and writing your side of the story , make things much worst .  You are already under fire , so don’t shout yourself in the head .


Take no online steps in regards . Whatever stupid action you think to take , please first consult with us , the consultation is free .    


So what is the next step ?  There is only one answer to this : you need to do whatever is needed , in order to remove the negative information about you , from the internet .

When we say – to remove – we mean to remove , not to push down in your search results , not  to ‘suppress’  not to ‘bury’ , the negative search results with new faked positive ones . We speak about removing forever , from the entire web , any negative mentioning about you or your company .


We speak about eliminating  the negative search results , so that they will never , ever , show up again  on Google or any other search engine .


This is your only real solution , all other solutions out there are not working and will never work , the negative information about you will stay there , even after you will die or close your business .  Is this what you want ? A negative legacy ?


Contact us for a free and confidential consultation , we are here to help you clean up all the negative information about you .