How to fix your negative public relations on Google?


When we speak about negative PR on Google, we speak in other words about having a bad online reputation.


Repairing a negative online reputation is exactly what we mean when we say ‘ to fix your negative public relations on Google’.


Negative Public Relations, however, covers much more than only ‘online reputation management’ because it involves also communication strategies, behavioral psychology, influencing the public perception about a brand name. 


Negative PR can be solved usually by creating smart misinformation. 


Remember one important point: negative news are spreading significantly "faster, deeper, and more broadly" than the positive ones. So that you need a clear and professional approach for fixing negative online public relations issues.


Negative Public Relations in the form of Fake news became now a cyber weapon. Low-cost computers are replacing high-cost weapons as an instrument of power in asymmetrical cyber and information warfare. Information security has to address a wide and diverse range of "enemies"—from the “geek in the backroom” to criminal organizations and governments.


So how do you fight false and fake information about your company? How do you remove inaccurate information about yourself from Google?


Smartphones are increasingly seen as weapons of mass manipulation. It is extremely easy to share information and people love to share especially negative news, about brands and people they are closed to.


No matter if the information about you is true or not, this negative information will spread fast. Not only people will share it with joy but also Google loves negative news. It is a very well known fact that they rank higher negative information.


The huge amount of information in our digital culture has introduced something new into this ancient psychological equation: a whole new level of reliance upon social information; and a whole new set of hazards and anxieties around errors, manipulation, and cascades of negative influence.


Consider the spread of a negative news item of misinformation through a social network. Once a small number of people have shared it, anyone subsequently encountering that information will face what is at root a binary choice: is what they’re looking at true, or untrue? 


They will believe it, and honestly speaking, the public is always attracted to click on the bad press items. 


Assuming they have no first-hand knowledge of the claim, it’s theoretically possible for them to look it up elsewhere – a process of laborious verification that involves crawling the net, through countless claims and counter-claims. They also, however, possess a far simpler method of evaluation, which is to ask what other people seem to think and there you get more negative public relations. 


If you want to fight negative public relations of yours, you will lose. This war should be fought in a different way and on a different level.


Negative Public Relations, as well as Online Reputation, must be handled by professionals. is the World’s number one authority in negative public relations, please contact us for a free and confidential consultation at


In this modern world of fast communication, your business reputation or personal reputation can make you or break you in a very short period of time. The instant access people have to information and social media platforms mean every business or individual is under the microscope of the public. 


There have been many cases of brand reputation being damaged by negative public relations, that have resulted in businesses being irreparably tainted in the eyes of consumers. offers reputation management across all platforms to protect your business’s biggest and best asset – your brand name. 


The main problem with negative public relations is that the problem will become bigger and bigger, each month. Negative information is not going to move anywhere and will continue to stay on page one of your Google search results for years if you will take active actions. 


Fixing negative PR  needs sophisticated tools and astute methodology, nothing will get solved by itself, and no changes in your public relations will happen without your involvement.  There are numerous ways to handle issues related to negative PR, each case requires different means and tools. 


Removal of negative search results from Google is for sure an excellent starter for fixing your negative public relations. It is not easy to legally take down all negative information regarding your brand name, and even if you succeeded in doing it, what real guarantees you have to you really cleaned up your online reputation forever?


New bad press can be published or old news can be re-published. So that you need to accept the fact that you are constantly exposed to the danger of negative PR.  


Proactive online reputation management is the key solution. It is indeed a step that involves time, money and efforts, but it is the only feasible way to guarantee somehow that in the near future you will not become a victim of negative public relations.


Has your organization’s online reputation been harmed by negative, false, or defamatory substance on the Internet? Is the negative data positioning profoundly in the query items for a “Google” hunt of your organization, item, or administration? Given the vote based and unknown nature of the Internet, it has never been simpler to discolor the well deserved reputation of a business on the web. All it takes is one rage from an irritated client, a post from a disappointed ex-representative, or an online spread crusade by a contender to harm an organization’s reputation.

A typical confusion in today’s age is that online reputation issues are kept to organizations taking part in exploitative, criminal, or false action. This couldn’t possibly be more off-base.  


In the event that this has happened to you and your organization, don’t freeze. There are various strategies and procedures that can be executed to expel or stifle the negative inquiry result(s) being referred to.

Since our organization’s beginning in 2008, we have experienced about each online reputation administration issue you can envision. This drove us to build up the snappiest and best answers for repair the online notorieties of organizations experiencing negative indexed lists on Google. With a hand-chose group of world class online maligning lawyers, web crawler pros, advanced brand directors, PR masters, and key accomplices, we can totally expel or stifle the negative list items harming your organization’s reputation. 

Your own image is an extremely valuable resource, and it is your duty to keep up it on the Internet. Our web index observing programming gives you continuous knowledge into what is being said in regards to you on the web, so you can guarantee your image is depicted precisely how you need it.

One billion names are looked on Google each and every day. Selection representatives, potential dates, financial speculators, conceivable business accomplices, companions, and family all swing to web search tools to discover data about everything and everybody. Truly, investigate shows that 85% of employing supervisors harden their choice to contract somebody in light of positive Google comes about and 70% set their choice not to procure in view of negative ones.


Reputation Control has tried each checking arrangement accessible available today, and we are sure that we offer the best slander observing programming.

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