How to eliminate negative information from the Web Reviews

How to eliminate negative information from the Web ?


The Essence of Online Reputation Management is:  the task of effectively managing the reputation of a person , a company or a business  which have been earned throughout the years , in an hard way .


The reputation of a particular company is earned with time through extremely dedicated work , investing time ,money and  effort. But then it takes a few minutes for the reputation of the company to be ruined and lost forever .


This is why many companies develop strategies  how to maintain their good reputation , effectively without any issues and over time .  Online Reputation Management  removes permanently negative information from the internet , in order to secure that your company’s reputation , remains intact forever.


The concept of reputation management is more significant to the small businesses than the big leading brands.


Every small businesses owner should be very careful about their online  reputation and about what the people around them , are saying , in regards to their company , both online and offline .


The management of a business reputation is easier then you think . The main thing to take care of , is to be 100% sure that your search results remains clean .


First of all , you need to secure that your clients are really happy with your service . Then you need to secure positive reviews , asking your satisfied clients to place positive reviews on various platforms such as Yelp .  You need to create as much as possible , positive feedbacks online , on all social media platforms .


Then the second step is to clean up all the negative information that has been published about you .  You cannot afford to leave bad press online .  Your company cannot wait for miracles to happen . You need to act upon negative search results . Immediately . is the first and only reputation repair company that removed permanently negative search results from Google and take down negative webpages and even entire websites , that may harm your good online reputation .


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When asking yourself or an ORM (Online Reputation Management) company whether or not you can truly repair your online reputation, remember, the answer is yes.


Even if you are dealing with authoritative or persistent negative results, don’t lose hope. Instead, put in the work and the time.


While the specifics of every situation are different, the best route to true online reputation repair is through the process of building an optimized foundation, removing any negative content you control, establishing credibility & an audience, and targeting growth opportunities.


The prime rule of online information management, what was placed by others, almost always needs to be removed by others. Keep the high ground: Editing your own Wikipedia entry in an obvious way tends to show you’ve got something to hide. Here in the office, we like to joke that “cyberspace doesn’t obey the laws of gravity” - what goes up doesn’t necessarily come down. Ever. In fact, if it’s been posted online, you can assume for all intents and purposes that this information is in the public record forever.


The reason that we suggest that you follow this process (instead of just trying to remove a negative, or clicking “publish” a million times), is because it addresses your online reputation holistically.


We want to make sure that you use this as an opportunity to build a personal brand that wins your opportunities and actually makes you proud. We don’t want this to just be an exercise in burying a search result that you find unflattering.


Rather than removing the information yourself, successful online reputation management is all about getting the information removed backstage. Start by tracking down and gauging the temperament of the original poster of this information. Does the situation seem salvageable? Can their discontentment be turned around or are they a lost cause?  Is there any chance you can get them to remove this information themselves?


Many of the biggest “wins” in online reputation management history happened when companies fessed up to their public blunders and took public responsibility for their actions to diffuse public outcry. Today’s online brand management is about two things: diplomacy and transparency. Be fair. Shoot straight. You’ll be surprised at how far you can get.


If you Google your name or the name of your business and the first page contains negative information it is only a matter of time before this happens to you. In the best-case scenario, the customer will avoid doing business with you. Worst case, they will tell everyone they know.


In the digital era everyone has a voice, generally speaking, that is a good thing. However, it gives anyone that has a problem with you the opportunity to share that with the world. For some business owners, it was a small misunderstanding that blew up to become a huge issue. For others they may have broken a law or were sued, they fixed the issue and put the misgiving behind them. For others, it’s a bad news story that just won’t die.


Whatever the problem is it can cost your business thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.


If someone Google’s your company’s brand and on the first page they see negative articles, especially if those articles are in the top five results then you have a damaged reputation.