How to remove negative search results from Google?


The Answer is that is completely feasible, you just need to have the right know how, every day hundreds of thousands of negative search results are de-listed from Google,

if you have the right knowledge and legal tools you can too do it.

Is it possible to De Index negative search results from Google?


Of course, you can ask Google to stop listing certain search results, but here too,

you need to know who to approach them, and what excuses to present in order to

force them to deindex the bad press from their search engine. 

How to Remove court records from Google? There are a few legal steps to be taken,

you need a lot of patient for this process, but at the end your entire court records

and court judgments will be permanently removed from Google and the Internet.


It is always much easier to get it removed from Google,

instead of asking each and every court records website to remove it.

Usually it is government based sites and they will never agree to remove it.


If it is a private website, you can still start some aggressive legal actions against them,

but if it's an official court website, you cannot use this method.


So the best way to actually remove a court order is to de-index it directly from Google.

Of course, those court orders will continue to exist on the governments

and court's websites, but they will stop to show up under your name's search results.


How to Remove Arrest Records from Google? 

If you have been arrested in the past, for any reason,

there is information left online about it, that you better remove,

before someone will find it.

Sometimes it is arrests records to be removed,

sometimes it is online police records, prison records, inmate records....

all those needs to be eliminated from Google.

As explained above,

you cannot deal so easily with government websites, they will never remove it.

If an arrest record is published on an official police site ,they will not remove it of course,

but still you can make it unreachable on Google.


This is what is called "Google De Indexing Legal Procedures", and actually this is the best possible way to solve the problem forever. Imagine this: whatever is out there on Google,

that refers to your criminal history is wiped out, permanently. 


This is the power of delisting negative search results from all the major search engines.

What about mugshots?

Well, this is another issue that can be solved quite easily.

Erasing mugshot images from the internet and from your Google search results

can be achieved by taking a few legal procedures against the mugshot websites.


Obtaining court orders that will force them to remove those personal images

is feasible and usually achieved within weeks.


Beware not to deal directly with mugshot websites,

because those are a real online extortion business.

Almost all mugshot websites belongs to the same company and the moment you

pay them for removing your mugshots from a certain mugshot website,

they will charge you, remove it from that particular website and then publish the same

image of your arrests or jailtime, on another mugshot website they own, and wait till it

will rank on Google, and will wait for your request of removal

in order to charge you for the second time.


So that the only online reputation management strategy we advise

is to opt for Google De Indexing,

the moment the mugshot website will learn that your images are not available anymore

on Google, they will understand that with you, they have nothing to do. 

What about the removal of negative articles from Google?


Not an easy task at all.

Usually the news websites do not agree to remove their articles

and only in the case you present them an international takedown court order,

they will be forced to remove it.


So how do you obtain such a court order for removing the negative articles about you?

You will need a law firm that will help you through the process.

Is not something you can do by yourself.

The other option is always the Google De Indexing one as already explained above.

In that case, do not forget that the articles will continue to appear on the news website and anyone that will have the direct link to the news article will be able to read it, however if somebody will google you , he will not be able to find this article because Google delisted it. 

How to remove porn videos and intimate images from Google and the Internet?

The direct personal approach to this is always the best option!

You need to personally contact the porn websites or the websites that published

your videos and images and ask them to "immediately" remove the personal images

because otherwise you will involve the local police authorities.


Usually those websites when they hear the word " investigation" or " police" or "authorities"

they prefer to immediately remove the pages containing your private vids and pics. 

Part of the above mentioned methods for removing negative information from Google,

can be done by you, personally, completely free of charge!


We will help you with each and every step you need to take,

we will advise you what to do and what not to do,

we will guide you throughout the entire removal process, for free. 


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