How to Create High Ranking Videos for your Website ? Video Technologies , provides the Best Cost-Efficient way to create premium videos for your business .

First of all , video is hot. Second, producing it is expensive, especially when you’re a busy business,  whose budgets – and staff – are constantly shrinking.


So, how are you supposed to generate quality video? , has developed a text-to-video technology ,  that creates broadcast ready, branded videos for publishers and websites owners  – to meet the demand for digestible video content that can be watched on any device. 


How to Create High Ranking Videos for your Website ? uses sophisticated technology to turn existing text-based articles. blogs and webpages ,  into video summaries with little input or edits necessary from the publisher. The text is analyzed for tone and content to help create a summarized script, which is then automatically matched with licensed photos/visual content and a voiceover to complete the video creation process. provides website owners ,  with a scalable text-to-video technology ,  to quickly increase video inventory and better monetize their content. It automates broadcast-ready, branded videos for publishers , content producers and website owners ,complete with relevant video clips, photographs, infographics, background music, and voiceover.  In the world we live in now, where everyone is on the go, there’s a great deal of value in quick, digestible  content that exists where our consumers want it. video is fully optimized for desktop, mobile, social media, and other platforms.

The videos are search engine optimized ,using our advanced video programming methods ,  in order to secure high Google Rankings ( page one for  Google ‘video’ results)  , the video campaigns are targeting, a specific list of keywords .  Video production remains costly, and there is huge demand for video ad placement. relieves these pressures so that websites  can focus on establishing new opportunities for revenue .


We want to empower midsize publishers , content marketers and website owners , to produce video content on the same scale as the big guys, but at a fraction of the time and cost.  Businesses  of any size would benefit from .

We level the playing field for all publishers and allow smaller ones to join the media ranks. is  becoming ,  top-of-mind for businesses , looking for a cost-efficient way to create premium video.


Contact us for a  free and professional consultation on your video marketing strategies , we will be happy to make for you a free demo on Google , producing a few branded videos for you and rank them on Google .