How to  clean your name on Google

How to  clean your name on Google ?


How to clean up your damaged reputation on Google . Is it even possible to achieve .   The answer is Yes , it is possible , if you are ready to play dirty and not what is know as ‘politically correct ‘ .   If you want to play by the rules , it’s better that you forget about the option of deleting negative information from the internet .  Clean your name from Google , it’s a process that takes time , but it should be executed in an aggressive way .


What we mean by aggressive ?  Going heavy . Hitting hard , the publishers of the negative information , you need to remove .


Being Mr. Nice Guy , will not help you .  If you write a very polite letter to the editor of an online magazine , asking him to remove false and incorrect information about you , we are quite sure they even will not reply to you . 


But if they get a lawsuit against them , personally , suing his wife and kids too , for defamation , and now Mr. publisher needs to get a lawyer and bring his wife to court too ….he will think twice if to email you back or not .


This is exactly what does . We ruin the life of whoever does not care to ruin yours .


We will destroy legally every single circle of people around him , he will be the secondary target . We will sue his wife, kids and best friends .   What his best friends ?  Of course , why not to sue them , for some reason and let them understand that now they will have to hire a lawyer for defending themselves and al this because their close friend , destroyed the reputation of another person .   We then take the lawsuit and publish it online , for all to see ,  we make them cry .   We can guarantee you that they will stop to sleep .  


And in this way , we secure the takedown of the negative articles about you .


Its working 99% of the time . People are afraid to loose their name and privacy .  We never stop till the article is removed .


Our legal department is composed from top level internet lawyers , and every single negative campaign started against a publisher , is checked and confirmed by them , before published online .  


We play the dirty way with dirty people and has no ethical problems  . We are not ethical at all .  But we deliver results .  Leading PR agencies are working with us , referring clients that needs to clean their name from Google .


Your clean name is what needs to be taken care of , and if somebody will get damaged severely in the process , who cares ?   We care only about our clients , and all the rest does not matter at all .   We play legit , but not honestly . 


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