How is removing negative information from the Internet?


The first step is to contact the Owners/Editors of the Online News Publication and

ask them to kindly remove the negative information 


Whats is their answer? Usually negative: Why they do not want to remove the negative information from their website? Always the same old excuse of ‘ it is the right of the public to know about it “. 


We actually agree with this answer. And we use it against them.


If it is their right to publish negative information about a person, that is actually ruining his life, we have the same exact right to publish negative information about the editor, or the website’s owner or the CEO of the website’s company, as long as the information is true and accurate! 


Make no mistakes about it: everyone has some skeletons in their closet and what we do is to make a wide online investigation and find all those skeletons that have been hidden and make them public. 


In case we do not find something negative about the editors or owners of the news websites, we will pass to their reporters, and their families and their closest friends. 


The moment we find something negative that is coming from a verified source or it has been already published by a reliable third party, at that moment we start to share this info in hundreds of copies online and in different ways such as articles, blogs, press releases, discussion boards, forum comments, social media posts. 


Our negative online PR campaigns are more lethal than CoronaVirus


The moment that the person who told us that he is not willing to remove the negative information, we requested him to remove, understand that his name or the name of someone he loves became public and an extremely negative way, at that same moment, he immediately agrees to remove the information he published and pray on his knees that we will remove the negative information we published about him or his family or his friends. 


Is it legal? Of course! Do you remember ‘ right of the public to know”. 



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Removing Arrest and Police records from the Internet is indeed a must for your career. All kinds of court records or court judgments can be lethal for your business.


Gossip sites like can eventually kill your chances to get a decent job.

Negative reviews on consumer complaint sites will prevent you to acquire

new customers and potential new business opportunities. 


That is the reason why online reputation management is so important. Removing negative information from Google search results is imperative if you want to succeed in your life. 


Negative Google search results can cost you a lot of money. People think that you are what Google says you are and they are sure that whatever is written is 100% correct. 


Even in the era of fake news, people continue to trust what they read online. 


So that you cannot actually fight back false information, with the real one. People will always trust false information and not your explanations. Why? Because they do not know you. 


If something is wrong with you as said online, why do they have to take the chances and get burned with you? Why take unnecessary risks?  


So now we get to square one. How do we repair a damaged online reputation and how you then managed it in a professional way so that it will not get damaged ever again. 


Is there a solution to this complicated question? Well, there are multiple solutions,

not only one will solve all the problem. 


Removing the negative information from it”s source is definitely the best option out there. Removing from the source means to remove the negative information from the websites hosting them. 


So step one is to ask the websites to remove permanently the negative information directly from the websites. Let’s say they do not agree. So what is the best second option? 


Try to de-index it from Google. This means one thing: asking Google, Yahoo, and Bing to de-list the negative search results. Is it possible? Of course, it is. 

There are legal procedures to be taken, but this is a feasible option. 


The third option that it is the easiest one to implement is to bury the negative search results with tons of positive ones that are newly created.  Is it working? Yes, if done over time and by creating on a daily basis new positive content, without stopping for even one single day. 


There are some uncommon options too, such as changing your family name or first name, and if you do not like this option, let’s say that you have no other feasible options out there, that will help you repair your online reputation . The ones above mentioned are really the most used ones by all major players in the field of reputation management industry.