An online business reputation defender is a a company or service that specializes in managing the reputations of companies, institutions and organizations on the internet. Typically this includes improving business reputation on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo and defending it against online attacks. Online reputation damage can come in many forms including slanderous blog posts and forum comments, bad online reviews and negative star ratings on Yelp and other review sites, and complaints by customers on sites such as Ripoff Report and Complaints Board, etc.

In other words if anything unfavorable about your business appears online, a reputation defender will take any and all measures to make sure that nobody sees it and no sales are lost because of it. Now, how do they accomplish this?

Two types of defensive techniques are used by online reputation management companies to defend business and brand reputations online .


Removing Negative Press Information from the internet — A Business reputation defenders’ first line of defense when dealing with a piece of negative information or an onslaught of negative online PR will be to attack the problem at its source, that is, to try to remove the negative news story or piece of undesirable content from the website on which it first appeared.

To quickly repair business reputation damage, the defender will use all the tools, technologies and techniques he has at his disposal to make every effort possible to get all negative items and private information removed from search results by having it deleted from the site on which it is was first published.


It’s important that the reputation management company hired to provide defense services for your business acts fast, especially at this point in the process — i.e. in attempting to takedown negative or private content from the site that is the original publisher. If too much time passes, theres a chance (and in many cases not a bad chance) that the the negative items about your business will be republished by a different, often unrelated website.


If your business reputation defender succeeds in eliminating the negative or private information by getting it removed from the first and still only site on which it appeared, then all that’s left is to submit a request to search engines to de-index the now non-existent page.

Responding to Customer Negativity Online — If a business reputation defender is unable to get the negative information in question removed from the site, another technique used by internet reputation defenders is to respond to and/or reach out to the customer that posted the negative comment(s) and/or review(s) about your company and try to resolve their grievances and so that they retract or edit the negative statements or bad reviews they’re responsible for posting.


Search Engine Suppression (Reverse SEO) — If the reputation defender is unable to remove the information from the website, search engine suppression is normally used. Instead of removing the information entirely, Google Suppression services use Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O) tactics to push web pages containing negative information far back in the search results of Google, Yahoo and Bing. This way when customers perform a search for your business name, they will not see the negative information unless they go beyond the first several pages of the search results generated. Given that only about 25% of searchers go beyond the first page of search results, search suppression is usually effective for online reputation repair.