Google Reputation Management for High Tech StartUp Companies

Google Reputation Management for High Tech StartUp Companies


Whether you're working on a Series A funding round or planning your IPO,  the very first thing you need to do is to refine the key messages that best convey the problem you solve and the void you fill in the marketplace and communicate this message online , using the most advanced online reputation management tools available .


Google reputation management of your Startup means validation from neutral third parties . This is what really influence your reputation .


In order to develop as much as possible your positive image on Google , you have to seek for serious Award nominations and speaking proposals .


Demos are essential in order to develop an online discussion about your products .


When should you launch a  Google Reputation campaign? How do you know  that your Google Reputation Management is actually working?


Your mission is to start immediately to take care of your company’s online reputation , people are always interested to learn about kickstart emerging technologies and startups bringing forth disruption to the world.


Your Startup’s Google Reputation Management can help your company attract users, investors, talent and other strategic partners – as well as build tremendous brand buzz and credibility.


As first step , you need to learn the following basics :


Social Media Strategy & Implementation.

Content Planning & Creation.


Community Building & Management.


Those are the pillars of your online reputation .


Remember that nobody is better at telling your company’s story than you are.


Establishing an excellent Google reputation and putting a new venture on the map pays off immensely -- in all sorts of ways. The potential outcomes of a good online reputation include attracting great talent, increasing visibility (to support everything from business development and enterprise sales to liquidity events), raising employee and investor morale.


Startups are often presented with a choice -- work with a firm (or look for a skill set in a hire) that melds PR into SEO/paid media/social media.   A startup company in the high tech sector must create an in house operation that will manage their online reputation .


Online reputation is not PR or paid advertisement , it’s a different field , often confused with ‘ social media management ‘ but its far beyond that .


Finding someone to hire in-house, who's willing to be paid far less than a PR agency is the better option .  Not because its more convenient financially , but because this is the correct way to do online reputation management in Startups .


One commonly cited piece of advice for startups is to hold off on running any kind of PR until a product is ready for launch -- or at least firmly out of beta.  This is not the case of Google reputation management .  In this case you can start from day one , much before you have a beta to present .


Your Reputation on Google is “especially important if the startup is seeking funding, since one wants potential investors to be able to find the company name beyond just the website if you put its name in a search” , they wants all the people involved in the company to have a clean online reputation .

It takes many months to properly cultivate real relationships with the right influential media ,analysts and the public , and this you do through your reputation management efforts without the need to wait to PR targeted campaigns and betas .


Founders , CEOs , partners  and investors in an high tech startup company , must have a clean online reputationThis is a must . There has never been a more important time for all key people involved in an company , to actively manage their online reputations.


A positive reputation of these people , can establish credibility and trust with potential investors shareholders, the media and customers.


Investors will consider a CEO’s and Founder’s reputation before investing or endorsing a company.

A CEO’s or Founder’s  online reputation can help establish them as thought leaders and industry experts.


The company’s leaders should strive to create a solid image for themselves online. Every executive should work to improve their expertise, credibility, and authority and to communicate that value to others on a continual basis.


How some of your key persons in the company,  appears online could influence how much and when a potential investor chooses to invest, and even whether they invest in your company at all.

A CEO’s reputation affects how your startup company is portrayed in the media.


Search results can fulfill or kill a potential investor intention .


All the people involved in the company , should build their online reputation, and engage weekly on few  reputation building activities .


The public’s general perception of a given company depends, in large part, on what its most visible representative says and does, please keep it always in mind .


Did you know that 45 percent of  investors tie the company’s reputation directly to the CEO’s and Founder’s reputation ?


This connection will grow stronger in coming years !


More and more the image of a startup company is determined by the image of the it’s CEO and Founders.


Just one single inattentive remark at the wrong time can kindle a storm of indignation in the media. The reputation of the startup is damaged, it’s quality and achievements step into the background.

We know that the most successful startups are so successful because they convey the values and visions of their CEOs and Founders successfully to the general public.


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