We Can Help Get Rid of Negative Google Autocomplete Phrases

Autocomplete is very useful for a number of reasons, but it can be problematic when Google’s algorithms start to populate with false or damaging information.


For example, some sites specifically optimize content to rank highly for phrases such as:


  • [person’s name] scam

  • [person’s name] cheater

  • [person’s name] ripoff


Google’s algorithm ranks autocomplete terms in order of how frequently they are searched. An autocomplete term that is interesting (like “scam” or “affair”) may not be the user’s original query, but still might be clicked on out of curiosity. Google records the click and over time the autocomplete term increases in popularity.


When you enter your name into the Google search box, you will begin to see suggestions that help you find what you want faster. If you’ve got an unwanted or controversial suggestion appearing, you know that this can create problems for you personally and for your business.


The real problem with these unwanted suggestions is they influence consumer opinion. Someone may be Googling you just to find out where you went to school or where your business is located, but when they see the negative suggestions, they click on them out of curiousity. And this leads them right to the negative content you don’t want them to see.


You might not even know how much business you are losing because some customers may never contact you as a result of seeing the negative suggestions. If you’re an individual or entrepreneur, you might find yourself constantly having to explain yourself.


You work hard to build your reputation and one or two negative suggestions in Google Autocomplete can strip that away. We push out negative suggestions, so you don’t have to worry about them anymore.


Use the form on this page to get a no nonsense, confidential quote or continue reading to learn more about our methodology and why we’ve become one of the most trusted firms at cleaning up this nagging online reputation management problem.


Our team of search engine experts utilize a strategy to change search results that appear for autosuggested terms while simultaneously adding new, more positive AutoSuggest keywords. In a few weeks, our team not only changes the automatically suggested terms, but also updates search results for problematic terms. This way, even if users click on unfavorable search terms, they find positive, accurate information about your company.


The basic idea to remove auto complete is to use the same techniques as in ORM by manipulating the result with other positive results. Some of the strategy which can be used to remove auto complete is by changing the demand for specific search phrases about your company, brand, name and keywords and removing the negative contents which keep the auto complete alive in search results and filling the demand with new search phrases. You can also take legal action against Google in a civilized way by getting it removed if you find that your company is being defamed through auto complete. Matching your prospective phrases with corresponding contents is another way of removing auto complete


The first thing to implement in How to remove Google auto complete suggestions is to identify if there is any auto complete bias in search engines and then analyze the data separately and prepare a proper strategy to remove it. You have to prepare good contents to support the new phrases when you launch auto complete manipulation campaign so that Google gives these names next to your name in search results. Crowd sourcing is the best method to manipulate Google auto complete.


Using mechanical Turk to get thousands of people across the world to do search on different positive phrases in seconds is the fastest and the most effective way to remove negative auto suggest contents. Since Google tabulate the frequency of each and every phrase, this method is considered as the best strategy to manipulate auto suggestions.



A lot of reputation management firms create a lot of content in an effort to change Google autocomplete. We don’t. In our experience, search activity (done correctly) always trumps content as the most important factor that influences the suggestions we see in the search box.


Frankly, this is a big reason why we’re more affordable than corporate reputation management firms – they invest a lot of money into content and in most cases it’s not needed and doesn’t help.


With regard to search activity, most ORM firms do it incorrectly. They create search activity using proxies or they hire people on crowdsource sites. These methods are both easy to implement and they used to work, but they’re far less reliable than they used to be.


In 2008, Google rolled out its AutoComplete program.


How does it work? While you type out a phrase on Google search, you notice a list of related search queries as suggestions by Google in a drop-down list right under the search bar. That is exactly what Google AutoComplete is.



They are helpful and effective in most of the cases but sometimes these Google autosuggestions populate negative search query related to businesses or person name. That can badly impact your online reputation and your so-called prospects may bounce back.


Are they fixable? Yes!


How? Keep reading to know how it works.



Google AutoComplete is phrases related to your origin word or phrase that someone somewhere must have typed out. Google uses a unique algorithm to determine these autosuggest to make searching for things easier for users.


Google AutoComplete is programmed to display you a list of autosuggestions based on your search query relevancy and most searched results related to your query/word. Google determines the predictions based on two basic factors; the range of information and the number of times it has been searched, in terms of that particular word or phrase.



Google autosuggestions are also regionally based. You can expect to have different search suggestions at different regional level searches. These autocomplete search suggestions keep on updating based on what people are most searching related to your search query in that particular region.


Now, here is the catch, these auto-suggestions are cannot be turned off but can be pushed down or replaced by generating more keywords related to your search query. Making it a very objective process, to begin with. The negative impact on businesses is similar whether it is Bing or Yahoo Search engine that shows negative autocomplete related to your business or name.



Your online reputation builds your company. And, getting a permanent solution for it shapes your business expansion. We provide Autocomplete Removal Services for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We have helped clients around the world Change Google Autocomplete in regard to their company information and word/phrase.


Our team comprises of search engine optimization experts who implement crucial content strategy and tactics that make use of the search engine algorithm. Filling in positive searches and content to help you remove all negative search items about your business.


Because remember your customers are constantly searching for information related to your business. And, having negative searches results would directly affect the amount of business you would be making.


Imagine someone is tying the name of your company on the Google search bar. For example; [ Your Company NAME ] and the Google Autosuggest shows negative keywords like “Scam”, “Scandal” right after it.


Even if it is not true chances are that user will check that content. Just out of curiosity. This is where Google AutoSuggest Repair comes handy. Many companies create content with the ending for Scam, Cheater, etc. just to rank that keyword. So, if more people click that, chances are that exact phrase will show on your autocomplete predictions. And a dirty competitor would not hesitate to do so.


Whether you are trying to Fix Google, Bing or Yahoo Autocomplete, you would need professional help for your online reputation management and fixing those negative keywords suggestions.


A Google AutoSuggest Fix is geared to help companies maintain their positive online reputation. It is part of a bigger online reputation resolution that helps companies impart authentic and accurate information about their products/services.


Did you know that 90% of customers read online reviews before deciding on a purchase? And, all of these people contribute to your online reputation. So, the last thing you as a company would want is a potential customer turning away.


Google Autocomplete Removal Services help you keep a balanced and positive online reputation.


If you are looking to Remove Negative Suggestions and Fix Your Google Autosuggest for your company, you would first have to understand how search volumes work.


So, honestly, the amount of time is determined by how many search volume you have. So to Fix Negative Keyword Suggestions for Google and other search engines, you should be mentally prepared for a minimum of 3 months and maximum of 8 months maintenance.


But, again you need to understand all of these are case specific.