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It’s a nightmare for a business owner to discover bad search results associated with his brand’s name. Where you toil to make your customers happy and satisfied with your products and services there are few who are never happy and use the internet to write bad or negative about your brand and vent out their frustration and dissatisfaction. But, that undoubtedly hurts your brand’s reputation online. People use internet to research about your brand or company and make their decisions based on what they find online. Needless to say that when they find negative information they make negative assumptions about your brand.


Hence, it is necessary to have a positive online reputation. And to do that you need to remove negative information from internet about your brand. There is a lot of information available about you online. There are endless sites on the internet that claim to know personal details about you, such as, date of birth, address, income,  relatives and contact information. With that in mind we would like to offer our service in removing all that data on your behalf.The truth is that if you do a brief online search you are likely to find quite a lot of information available about you. What is more, you might also find companies who claim to know a lot of details about you.


Though removing anything from internet is not easy once it is live there. But, fortunately, there are some ways to remove negative information from internet. Also it helps when you publish positive content which is beneficial for your brand’s reputation. 


The answer to that question depends on three-four factors. 


  • Whether the negative content is associated with your name or your company’s name? 

  • Where that negative information has been published viz., on own media or on a different website. 

  • What is the popularity of the website where the negative information is live?

  • What is your stand against that negative information? Whether you have offered to solve the issue, or your dissatisfied customers are not ready to remove those negative posts.


Based on the answers whatever it turns out to be the strategy to Remove negative information from internet is built. Based on the results and your requirement you may also choose to suppress the links containing  negative information. Suppressing the links bury them down and they don’t appear in the first few pages of the search results.Identity theft has become a major issue nationwide. It is not only very common but it is also extremely hard to resolve. People are also not aware that it tends to happen while they are browsing the internet.Chances are that you have been using the internet for quite some time and just by doing so you have unintentionally been uploading a lot of personal data. At times it can be difficult to keep your information private while browsing the web.


Below we will discuss both ways to remove negative information from internet i.e., complete removal and suppression.The first thing you want when you see a negative content, defamatory remark or a bad review associated with your name or your brand’s name is to remove it completely so that it never appears again on the internet searches. Removing a link containing negative content about you would certainly dissociate your name with it and people will not see anything bad about you on the internet. Of course, it’s the best way but it is very difficult to do. Because, in most cases, these negative reviews, defamatory remarks or negative content are on the websites you don’t control. If the negative content is on a page or website you control it is very easy to remove it. 


If any third party website has published content which is vindictive, defamatory, derogatory or about any sensitive financial or personal information you can report it to Google and get it removed from Google Searches.


Google de-indexes such information from their search results because they violate their user privacy policy guidelines. Similarly, anything that can be used to commit fraud like Credit Card Numbers, Email Addresses, Bank Account Numbers, etc., and offensive images or videos also violates the Google Privacy Policy Guidelines and can be reported to Google for removal.

But, here one thing is important to note that even Google de-indexes those pages from the search but the pages on those third party website would still be there and people who run a search on that website or having exact URL address of that page may still be able to see that information which Google De-indexed from Search. 


In cases like online defamation, discrimination, copyright infringement, and other illegal content you can go to court and file a suit and if you win you can submit the copy of the court orders for the removal of the negative content in question. However, this is a very tedious and long way.

Sometimes, it costs thousands of dollars in legal fees and could even draw more attention to the negativity by the news media you were trying to remove in the first place. You should carefully think about the cost, hassle and the risks of taking legal action before you actually go for it.

People may also write bad about you or your brand on the social media channels you have. Or they can also write bad about you on Yelp, Google My Business Page, Facebook, Youtube Channels, etc. If you have such a case you need not worry, all you have to do is respond to those comments in a professional and helpful way. 


You can also try to update your business profile information to be more positive and interesting. For instance, changing address on your Google My Business page would give you a new address and the old reviews would be gone if you delete the previous address. In more complex and out of hand situations you can permanently delete your profile from these channels and get rid of the negative information. 


But it is important to note that some websites will still keep the customer reviews public, even after deleting the profiles and pages. So, the best way is to respond to those negative comments in a professional and helpful way and resolve the issues and then ask the customers who have posted those to remove them.