Webcide.com Negative Online PR Agency

Removal of Damaging Online Content


For years it has been widely believed that businesses and individuals have little if any options when victimized by damaging or harmful content on the Internet.


This is no longer the case.


The experienced Internet attorneys at Webcide.com have a full arsenal of legal tactics to completely remove unwanted content from the Internet and stop online attacks. Through a combination of legal strategies and proven technology techniques, we help clients completely remove content from nearly every type of website on the Internet, including business review and complaint websites, discussion boards, news websites, blogs, social media websites, and cheater and gossip websites.


Webcide.com is an online reputation management platform that is built not only for businesses, but also for individuals who want to remove information from online websites.


The service from Webcide.com is focused on completely removing content about you or your business from any website or news source online.


Beyond working on just content deletion, Webcide.com also focuses on getting you a positive online reputation by sending out press releases on major publications and improving your company’s public relations.

We not only remove defamatory content from the Internet, but we do so in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. We look to ensure that our clients are not incurring any unnecessary or unreasonable expenses related to discovery or contentious motion filings.


We help businesses:

Remove information from consumer complaint sites like Ripoffreport.com, PissedConsumer.com, and Complaintsboard.com

Remove false and damaging reviews from rating websites like Yelp.com, Tripadvisor.com, Amazon.com, and Avvo.com

Remove confidential or proprietary information obtained illegally or placed online without authorization

Shut down websites that are selling counterfeit products and infringing on intellectual property and branding rights, such as trademarks, copyrights, and trade dress)


We help individuals:


Remove embarrassing pictures, photos, and videos from social networking sites, porn sites, and mug shot websites

Eliminate posts and other information from relationship infidelity websites, such as Cheaterland.com, Playerblock.com, and Reportyourex.com

Remove damaging and false information from blogs, comment sections, message boards, and other forums


Eliminate unwanted material from smear and gossip sites like Thedirty.com

Remove private and personal information from online public databases

Remove fake profiles on professional and social networking websites

Remove illegal and unwanted content from search engine indices



How Does Webcide.com Work?


Webcide.com is a service based business.

End users need to get in touch with one of our reputation consultants to discuss the problem at hand, who will quote the price to solve the issue that you’re facing.


Once you choose to become their client, you will be assigned to a negative public relations expert who will go through your specific case to decide how this needs

to be approached.


They will then come up with a plan of action to eradicate the content from the internet at the earliest.


We have deleted all kinds of content like news articles, blogs, reviews, complaints, mugshots, civil legal documents, pdf’s, pictures, videos, etc. from the internet.


Depending on requirement, Webcide.com also works as a PR firm of sorts for you (if you are representing an organization, mostly, in this case) and helps promote positive reputation about you or your business in this case, helping improve your name.



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