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Reputation Search Engine : Free Brand Reputation Monitoring & Negative Analysis .



Online Reputation Management by Webcide.com offers free online repution monitoring .


The Reputation Search Engine : Free Reputation Monitoring & Negative Analysis  , find negative information about your brand and company , on real time , as you know is can cause a lasting damage to your company’s reputation and brand identity, which are vital to your business.


Negative consumer posts, bad rumors, unfavorable product reviews, and negative PR attacks from competitors and fired employees can have a devastating impact on your company, its competitiveness and its finances.


Full monitoring of all social media and mainstream news, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and millions more!


Executive insights including trends, keyword discovery, automated sentiment analysis & influence scoring.


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Why would you pay $500+ a month for your social media monitoring tools when you can get the power of  Webcide.com Reputation Search Engine , for FREE !


Your reputation doesn’t have time for a steep learning curve!


Understand what’s buzzing about your brand, without rolling-up your sleeves.


Quickly see who’s talking about your company, executives, products, employees, competitors and more!


Hundreds of millions of sources are monitored including, news, blogs, reviews, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, forums and much more!


Webcide.com Reputation Search Engine monitors News, Blogs, and Social Media Networks. Our crawler scans more than 100M web pages per day and extracts conversations, comments, articles and online reviews.


Webcide.com Online Reputation Management monitors online reviews, blogs, news, forums and social networks. Our tool performs text analysis and extracts sentiment, as well as opinions. It measures the quantity and quality of the conversations, analyzes the demographic profile of the audience, gives you the possibility to manage your social profiles and perform you campaign from within our engagement calendar.


Monitoring and managing your online reputation is vital for your offline reputation.


Webcide.com protects your brand, personal name, CEO’s name and improves your overall performance on the web.


We are World's Leaders in the field of negative public relations , we understand how to search and monitor the entire web for any piece of negative information that is published about your brand .


75% of online users are more likely to click on a negative search result than on a positive one. Because of social media, it is now easy for everyone to spread negative content. How can you protect your name, your business, and your reputation?


Webcide.com Reputation Search Engine is a tool for monitoring, measurement and management of your reputation online. Our search engine helps you identify leads and opinion leaders, lets you engage with online communities and tracks your success. Protect your most valuable asset – your reputation with us.


Free of Charge , No Registration Needed.


Do you need to remove negative search results from Google ? How to remove negative news articles from the Internet ? How to remove bad press from Google?  Webcide.com de-index , permanently negative search results from Google, Yahoo and Bing . 


Webcide.com removes forever negative information from the Internet . 


We do not push down , we do not suppress , we do not bury negative search results .....we 100% delete them from all available search engines . 


Do not believe the traditional online reputation management methods , they are old and obsolete , they do not work at all .  If you think that Google will rank on top , some fake positive information about you or your business , this is nonsense .    Nobody can trick Google .  They will always , just always put your negative search results on the very top . 


The only solution is a total removal . 


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Webcide.com Negative Online Public Relations Campaigns 


Negative publicity about financial institutions, generally, or about the Company or Bank, specifically, could damage the Company’s reputation and adversely impact its business operations and financial results. Reputation risk, or the risk to our business from negative publicity, is inherent in our business. Negative publicity can adversely affect our ability to keep and attract customers and can expose us to litigation and regulatory action, any of which could negatively affect our business operations or financial results. Publicity is generally acknowledged to be more credible and more influential than company-controlled communications .


Negative publicity, in particular, has the potential to damage corporate image. This is due to its high credibility as well as the negativity effect, a tendency for negative information to be weighted more than positive information in the evaluation of people, objects, and ideas .


We are experts in Negative Public Relations . If you are interested to start an online negative publicity campaign against your competitors , email us , for a free and confidential consultation at info@webcide.com