Five Ways To Improve Your Reputation Online .


First of all if you want to improve your online reputation , you need to get rid , of all your negative search results , this is the very first step , because no matter , how many positive info you will publish , the negative ones will never be pushed down from page one . 


So the very first way , to improve your online reputation , is to permanently remove the negative online information about you or your company .


Second way is to start publishing blogs and articles under you name , the third way is to be very active on social medias such as Linkedin, Goolge+ , Twitter , Facebook and more .


Way number 4 , that will improve you online reputation , is to buy domain names connected to your name , and populate them with relative content and updating the content  daily .


The fifth and last way is to create weekly press releases under your name .


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Building your online reputation means building a name for yourself. And to start, make sure you own your brand name.


If you want to be able to control your online reputation, you need to protect your name across popular platforms.


The last thing you want to happen is when people look up your name, someone else’s website or social profiles come up in the search results.

So, you need to…


Make sure you own your brand name domains

It’s super important for all businesses to own a domain name that corresponds to their brand (even if you don’t have a website).


Besides the .com, I’d also strongly advise you to make sure you own other popular TLDs like .net, .org, and .info. But also acquire regional domains like .ca (Canada), .us (USA), and for all other regions, you may be servicing.


These are all trusted TLDs and may come up high in search results on Google. You don’t want your competitors or other people to own those domain names. If you don’t acquire them, you risk someone impersonating you on the internet, which not only ’cause damages to your reputation but will also hurt your business.


It’s not just about your website and search engines. People also use social media to find new products and businesses.


To give you a bit of a perspective, 60% of people on Instagram say they discover new products on the platform, and 80% of people follow at least one business.

Also, your customers may already be talking about you on social media even if you’re not there. It pays dividends to be present and respond to users’ feedback on social networks. You better be there before you run into some issues.


So, register your name across all social networks your potential customers may be using. Even if you don’t have the time (or budget) to stay active on social media, it’s worthwhile owning those social profiles.


Because of their of widespread popularity, make sure you register for an account on:


  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

  • Twitter

  • and LinkedIn


At the very least, fill out your bio, add a profile picture and a cover image. That way you protect your brand from imposters and other wrongdoers.


Also, link out to your social profiles on your website. You can add social media icons in the header as well as the sitewide footer of your website.