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Financial Markets can be manipulated using sophisticated negative online PR tools and methods , efficient financial market manipulation can be obtained by sophisticated negative online campaigning .


What financial market manipulation tools is using ?  


What are the best financial market manipulation methods ?


Financial Market Manipulation is the act of artificially inflating or deflating the price of a security.


In most cases, manipulation is illegal. Manipulation is any interference in the market mechanism that prevents determination of a fair price, as well as any factor that may affect the stock price artificially.


The good news are that you can influence the price of a share , in a legal way . This is what does .


Manipulation may not be legal , if is intentional conduct is designed to deceive investors by controlling or artificially affecting the market for a security. Manipulation can also be acheived in a legal way , using sophisticated Negative PR Campaigning .


Financial Media Manipulation can involve a number of techniques to affect the supply of, or demand for, a stock.   A lot of Activist Brokers and Short Sellers are using the Online Media in order to damage the reputation of a company , by using negative online public relations .


They include: spreading false or misleading information about a company; improperly limiting the number of publicly-available shares; or rigging quotes, prices or trades to create a false or deceptive picture of the demand for a security. Those who engage in manipulation are subject to various civil and criminal sanctions. 


But , you can affect the price of a stock also by spreading real , accurate and verified information , online . are experts in this field .


So how its done ?


Let's say that you are an investment company and are willing to short a stock . What we do , is to monitor the entire web for some kind of negative information about that company and its stocks .


The moment we find a relaible source of information , that is quite negative about the company targeted , we then take this article and start to duplicate it in hundreds of versions , in the form of articles, blogs, micro websites , videos , ebooks, podcasts , forums , and more .


So what is happening is quite simple : we took a piece of information alreayd published by an authority website in the financial news sector and share it in different forms in hundreds of copies .


We make sure , that the person that is googling the company name and is looking for information about the stock , will see our published material and will be affected by the negative info .


If you want to start a legal negative public relation campaign against a company , feel free to contact us for a confidential consultation at