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The cheapest form of publicity is bad press, but trust us when we say this; it isn’t what you’d want to associate your business with, in the long run. At times it so happens that competitive businesses try to malign their competition by dragging their name through the dirt on every opportunity possible. While certain times it also happens that product failure or delay in service leads to customer dissatisfaction and hence the bad reviews.
As a business owner, you would want to tackle every situation at hand and leave nothing to uncertainty. This can happen only when one is well informed about the practices of ORM and what it takes to set the SEO right. As it is known, bad news travels fast online which means that one needs to tackle it as it comes with the right strategies. And, only professionals have tried and tested ways to achieve the best positive results for you.



1) Keep your calm and own up to it if you or your business is at fault, if not then too. It is essential to get your point across peacefully and try not to be rash.

2) Get in touch with the webmaster of the site in order to take down the particular article from Google. If that does not help you can even ask Google to assist you. It’ll take time though.

3) Publish good content and positive stories on your site in order to direct the audience’s attention elsewhere while you deal with the problem.

There are two ways to reduce the visibility of negative content: You can delete the content, or you can push it down in your search results so that people who are looking for you online are less likely to see it. However, the tactic you choose will depend on your individual circumstances.


The deletion method works best in these situations:


  • You know the person who posted the content: This makes it more likely that he or she will help you and and remove or alter the article.

  • The information in the post has caused you demonstrable harm: If you can prove that your livelihood is being ruined or that you are physically threatened by the content, then you have a better chance of getting people to take your request seriously.

  • The content violates a website’s Terms of Service: Submitting a removal request is a good idea if the article in question meets the website’s removal criteria.

  • The information in the content meets Google’s removal requirements: Google will delete items that meet a few, specific requirements.


Use the suppression method when:


  • The person who posted the material is obviously hostile towards you: If the content and tone of the negative article lead you to believe that the author is extremely hostile towards you, then you should avoid emailing him or her with a take-down request. Doing so often just encourages the person to double his or her efforts to smear you online.

  • The website the content is posted on has a “no removals” policy: In these cases, sending removal requests will be a waste of time.

  • Your removal requests have been ignored or declined: If you have contacted the website/author of the problematic article several times without getting any positive response, your best bet is to use the suppression method.



To convince someone to help you (especially when that person has no legal reason to do so), you must make a compelling argument. Imagine you are a lawyer trying to sway a jury. This means you should be able to provide supporting documentation, like screenshots, to back up your claims, if applicable.


In your email, you’ll need to concisely describe the information you want removed and explain why it should be taken down. Focus on the facts and try not to be overly emotional. However, you still want the other person to sympathize with you, so you should frame the situation in a relatable way.


For example, if the article falsely claims that you are untrustworthy, you can explain how this has limited your ability to get a job. Or, if the content contains personally identifying information that exposes you to physical or online harassment, you could describe the emotional trauma this has caused you.


If you’re dealing with a social media site or blogging platform, check the site’s Terms of Service (or “TOS”), to see if the content you want removed violates any of these rules. Most sites ban obvious slander or similar abusive behavior and ways of reporting these violations on the website. So, you have a better chance of getting the content removed if you can demonstrate how the article you are concerned about violates the site’s TOS.


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