If you currently find yourself having some negative news articles ranking highly on Google, there are three professional ways to remove the negative search results from Google:


1. Total Removal:  If the news editor of a website agrees to completely remove the article, the webpage link will also be removed from Google search results. This is the best possible scenario and the first option Webcide.com Internet Defamation Lawyers look into when helping our clients.


2. Google De-Indexing legal procedures: If a negative news article is de-indexed, it means that the link associated with the story will be completely removed from search engine results. The main issue with the negative news article is not necessarily the fact that it exists, but rather the fact that it is highly visible in search results. In most instances, having the link to the negative article de-indexed is just as good of an outcome as complete removal.


3. Correct the article: In some cases, a news publication will agree to remove your name from a negative news story. This is more likely to happen in situations where you are not the main focus of the article, or if you were the victim of a crime, and the news article discussing the incident ranks highly in search results for your name. If your name is removed from the news article, the link associated with the article will be removed from search results with time.