There are a few methods for getting legal content removed from the Google search results. One is to discuss it directly with Google and have the results removed. The other is to contact the site hosting the content and get it removed at the source.


If you want to have a search result removed from Google’s search results, your only option is to file a content removal lawsuit against Google . 


Google will only remove content from their listings under certain circumstances only, one of them is an international court order.  


They will remove negative content that has been removed from the source, but is still listed in the search results. So, the first solution it to attack the websites hosting the criminal records and force them to remove it from their websites. 


They will remove personal information that has been listed without consent, but participating in a legal case is public knowledge. 


There’s one other option, which is Google’s Legal Removal Request system. Google will remove content from their web search results and other related Google services, if and only if the content is found to be violating the law as published and you have a valid court order to have it removed from the search engines. 


The Internet defamation lawyers of are experts in creating massive legal pressure upon websites, in order to force them to remove the negative information. 

The courts are likely to rule about the same way Google will; if the content is not private information (like a social security number), and is not defamatory, it’s not something you can have removed.


But at we do have some excellent alternative approaches, that are extremely aggressive in legal terms, but also very efficient. 


Website’s owners that are sued by knows that they are going to lose the battle in court and that the trial may cost them their entire website and career. 


We will create so much negative online information about the website and its owners, that usually they will try to prevent further negative campaigning against them and will opt for a quick removal of the criminal information they published about you .


We are ready to use dirty tricks in order to force websites to remove harmful content about you .Our cyber experts knows how to eliminate forever , all forms of criminal records, police records, court records and judgments, arrest records and more. 


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