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Spreading “fake positive news” in order to alter the reality and change the "perception"

of people about you or your company, is completely legal. 

Our Online Reputation Management Experts can provide you

with a Do It Yourself Online Reputation Repair Program FREE OF CHARGE

Today their public’s beliefs are shaped by the online media AND we can teach you how to take advantage of it and improve your online reputation in a drastic way. 


We know how to alter the way the public perceive you . We have all the know how needed and are ready to share it with you. We speak about the most advanced reputation management techniques. 


Misinformation is a perfect tool to take advantage of, ethical or not , we do not mind.

You do not have to care about it too, if you want to create a new successful image of yours. 

Impression Management

“Impression management is the process of influencing public perceptions about a person or organization by controlling the information available to the public or information that comes up in social interaction,”

The real game changer in Online Reputation Management is controlling the information that’s served to people. It’s about strategically creating positive content about you and your business, that influences people. 

Influence online reputation management: this is the future in ORM.


Creating a new positive profile of yourself is completely legitimate,

what is not correct is to continue and suffer from your Google search results.

How to remove negative articles from Google?

How to remove Bad Press from the Internet?

How to get rid of negative search results on Google? 

Do you have criminal records online that needs to be removed from Google search results?

Make no mistakes about it, negative articles can be removed permanently from the Internet. 

There are different legal procedures to undertake in order to force news websites

to take down the negative articles they have published about you or your business.


Making the right legal moves is essential.

But we think that they best way to go is to start first with a less formal approach.


A personal approach that sometimes works.

We suggest our clients, to always start with a simple email to the editor of the news website,

asking him, in a very polite way to remove the negative article about you.


You will have to supply some reasons why they should, and this is not a problem to supply,

consult with us at, we will inform you how to personally approach

the news websites and how to convince them to remove the disturbing articles.


We have plenty of reasons to tell them.

This soft approach is working good in case the negative articles are not reporting heavy crimes,

because otherwise they may have problems to remove them as per your request,

saying they they need to warn the public, and the public has the right to know. 

Remember one important fact, in case you want to remove the negative article just from Google search,

you can always use the European Privacy law " the right to be forgotten'.

This law is meant for European citizens only but this law is full of

loopholes that you can take advantage of.