If your case has been dismissed, we can work with the source of the article to explain why they should remove it. We have found great success with the vast majority of local news outlets in convincing them to either totally remove these types of articles or, in the alternative, agree to remove the tags to the article so that it simply disappears and will no longer show up under search results for your name. The second prong of the attack is to apply pressure to the search engines themselves, Google, Yahoo, and Bing to scrub all remnants of the arrest report from their search engines.

Regrettably, mugshots are deemed public access and knowledge by the United States government. This implies that anyone with an internet connection can easily obtain your personal information and arrest records with just a few clicks.



The first step in all of this is that you have to have the case dismissed. Many people want to get their arrest report offline yesterday. I realize how embarrassing and upsetting it can be you have your name and photo plastered all over the internet. However, to get the information removed, we need to have the case dismissed first. For this reason, if your case is still pending, make sure that the disposition of the case results in a dismissal of the charges; otherwise, you may be unable to succeed in having the internet scrubbed of your arrest record. If you need legal help or guidance on how to make sure that you obtain a dismissal in your pending criminal case, feel free to contact us for a free consultation. Once your case has been dismissed, we are ready to begin work on cleaning the internet of your false arrest record information. Contact us to review your options to defend your online reputation.

Top 9 Act Exemptions To Removing Arrest Records

The data that is correctly shown in the matter of national security

associated with Administrative Order 12958.

Arrest records in reference to only internal organization laws and tactics of a private company.

Data exempted from release by a law enforcement agency
Trade secrets and the company or monetary information which could be detrimental

to the competitive characteristics or company values of an organization.

The honor of the deliberative or policy-making rules within the business if by releasing from necessary disclosure opinion, results, and references included within

inter-agency or intra-agency records or reports.

The data that would create a clearly biased invasion of the personal privacy of those affected.
Information or data obtained for law enforcement use only to the release unless demanded.
The data that is added in or related to criticism, operating, or status analyses prepared by, or for the implementation of a company in charge of the management or directive of financial groups.
Locational knowledge and data, including maps, concerning specific regions.


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