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We file internet defamation lawsuits to secure court ordered content removals, hold perpetrators liable for their actions, put an end to related internet attacks, and recover monetary damages. We can remove almost anything and everything from the internet, including defamatory content and false allegations, images and videos, false and outdated news articles, mugshots and criminal records, and more.


Remove defamatory content and malicious posts about you from popular social media and professional networking websites such as Facebook, Instagram,

Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and more.

We are able to guarantee the removal of content for many online gossip and shaming websites, including TheDirty, ShesAHomewrecker, and PredatorAlerts.

We leverage sophisticated investigative technology, coupled with legal techniques,

to identify anonymous and unidentifiable internet perpetrators.

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If there is content which you think is affecting your brand’s credibility then you should take quick action against it.I have helped lots of my clients using this very same strategy.

When businesses find a negative search result they sometimes overreact. They quickly look for a negative SEO specialist, which is the last thing you should do if your only concern is fixing your reputation in the search results.

Why? Because negative SEO is not a very good solution when it comes to online reputation.

If you want real results, then you should look for someone to actually remove or push

down negative information from the search results. 

How to remove negative information from the Internet?
Important: If the website looks shady then never contact the webmaster. They might replicate the content. 
This online reputation management strategy rarely works but worth giving it a try.

Negative results can be removed from Google and other search engines.


Here’s how:

Find and download all the search results from at least 10 pages.
Find webmaster’s email. Or use to find the information.
Contact the site owner to remove that negative page from their site.
The search result removal strategy has a very low success rate.


That’s why most reputation managers prefer to use the push-down strategy to get negative information suppressed in Google. Because hardly anyone goes to the second page of Google.

How to Remove Negative Search Results from Google using DMCA?
Google made it easier for people to request search results removal. But, in most cases, it doesn’t work.

Google only complies with the search results which are a real threat to a person or if it is stealing someone else’s digital work. (AKA copyright infringement)

If a negative search result on your name is showing up, you can ask Google to remove it by filling this form. Google is strict when it comes to the removal of a search result.

You should use it carefully and include as much information as possible like why do you want to get it removed and what’s the reason. Also, please keep that in mind if you try to manipulate the DMCA process, Google can take legal action against you or your company.

If that worked for you, congratulations! If not, don’t worry. There’s still some hope. You can still push down the negative search result.


What can you do if web pages with negative comments appear

on Google's first result page for your company name?

1. Fix the problem

If people write negative reviews about your company, the first thing that you should do is to fix the problem that caused the negative review.

2. It doesn't hurt to ask

Send the webmaster of the web page with the negative review a polite email and ask for removal of the negative comments. Many webmasters will cooperate if you explain the issue.

3. Give web pages with positive comments a boost

If the webmaster does not want to remove the negative review,

find websites that contain positive comments about your site.

Link to these pages from your own website to increase the link popularity of these pages.

The more links the pages with the positive reviews have, the higher they will be ranking in the search results. If appropriate, bookmark web pages with positive remarks about your website

on social bookmark sites such as Digg and Delicious.

4. Ask for testimonials from happy customers

If you receive positive feedback from customers, ask them to write a review on, or similar sites.

5. Add your website to company wiki pages

Websites like allow you to create an article about your company. If your company is important enough, you might even create an entry in Wikipedia.

These Wiki pages will also appear in the search results when someone searches

for your company name.

6. Make sure that your own website tops the search results

If your own website comes first for your company name then most people will click on your link and don't look further. Use IBP to make sure that your own web site has position

1 in the search engine results.

Removing negative comments from the search engine results can take some time. It's best to avoid negative experiences at the outset by providing high quality products and good customer support.

Suppressing the Bad Links
There are plenty of ways to bury the bad links on search results,

all of which are very manageable and very effective:

Setting up new social media profiles and making sure you're active on all of them.
Starting a company blog and posting excellent content regularly.
Publishing other types of media, like podcasts, images, and videos.
Optimizing content you already have on the web, like pages on your company site.
Leaving comments on other influential websites within your industry.
Become a thought leader by publishing expert advice in professional forums.
Create quality content and link from your content from a variety of authoritative websites that are topically relevant to web pages you're promoting. 

Suppressing negative content is much like traditional SEO because the new content you create should be optimized for page rank. The more types of content you create, and the better the quality it is, the more likely it will be to rank above the negative content and make the negative item less noticeable.

The most important thing to remember when dealing with negative content about your business is to have a plan and be rational. It can be easy to feel a rush of bad emotions when reading unpleasant reviews or other unflattering content about your business. Instead, channel that energy into creating a strategy to bounce back and make the content disappear.


Do so by getting the bad reviews or negative content removed or pushing it into the depths of search results, where studies have found that a very small percentage of people will actually reach

when searching for a business on the internet.

Online Reputation Management Services to Remove and Suppress Negative Content
A number of internet privacy and reputation management companies now offer services to help people and businesses get things removed from the internet, either by

Complete removal of the unwanted content from the website(s) that've published it, or
Suppression of the negative search results on Google, Bing and other conventional web search engines.