Enterprise companies and high-profile individuals like CEOs opt for internet reputation management services because they have more important things to do than manage their reputations. Curious about our offering? Check out our ORM solutions page to learn how we get results.


Been losing sleep due to negative reviews or content about you or your business found in Google search results? You are not alone, and also, its more than likely that you’ve read through other websites and perhaps even hired online reputation management companies to no avail. That’s because removing negative content from Google search engine is well, its nearly impossible if you don’t understand how Google works.


These are the common search patterns people or businesses usually ask Google

  • How to push down negative reviews from Google

  • How do I erase my name from internet

  • My competitor is saying negative things about my business how do I remove them

  • How to remove negative articles from Google

  • How to get negative search results taken down Google search results


Once you’ve made up your mind to work with a reputation repair agency, you’ll need to figure out which services are best for you. I’ll elaborate more on that in the next three sections.


Most ORM companies have two distinct types of offerings: online reputation management services for individuals and business reputation management. While the desired outcomes are the same, they often use different strategies to get results.


For instance, e-commerce businesses may want to focus on review management, while an individual may need to improve his or her online presence. Let’s dig deeper.


Online reputation management services for individuals


It’s important to note that individual online reputation management services aren’t for everyone. Even offerings on the cheaper side of the spectrum can be too expensive for many individuals. Then again, just because something costs a fortune doesn’t mean it’s effective.

That said, individuals who will truly benefit from reputation management services are those with the most to lose from a damaged image. This group includes: CEOs, executives, company founders, celebrities, philanthropists, politicians and financial services professionals. This list is far from exhaustive, but you get the idea.


The vast majority of people who look into reputation management services for individuals ultimately end up choosing a simplified DIY solution that costs less.


However, those individuals who can afford an enterprise-level offering are primarily concerned with the following issues:


  • Misrepresented legacy

  • False or damaging news articles

  • Public personal information

  • Underrepresented digital presence


At the risk of oversimplifying things, here are a few common strategies ORM firms might deploy to address those issues:


  • Expand and improve the individual’s social media accounts

  • Create additional websites, blogs and professional profiles

  • Earn positive media mentions


Business reputation management services


Reputation management services for businesses are incredibly situational. For example, negative reviews require a very different approach to eradicate than, say, a flood of viral news articles.


As a matter of fact, it may be best to refrain from aggressively publishing positive promotional content until a crisis has been resolved. Instead, agencies should focus on building up digital assets you can control until the media frenzy dies down.


It’s also important to mention that while small businesses often look into reputation management services, many eventually settle on lower-cost review management software. Then again, it really depends on your situation and how much you’re willing to invest.