Whether it is revenge porn posted by your partner to humiliate you or a nasty negative comment made on purpose by someone to ruin your online business reputation; negative content on the search results can be hazardous. It can have a deleterious effect on your life. Google search is the most used search engine and when you have negative information here then you need to take instant steps to have it removed. Here is how you can how to remove link from Google search Result.


Things are very sensitive especially when there is revenge porn associated with it. Situations can get out of hand when the person who is facing revenge porn is a high status in the society. Handling such situations is quite tricky and you need experts to get rid of this problem. Besides we also take care of other negative content and bad links that are posted by people against your business. We have an experienced team that will help you remove negative links and remove bad links from Google.


Some firms claim they can completely remove unwanted search results in less than one month. They may even advertise a money back guarantee. Don’t fall for that line.


Online reputation management takes time, effort and SEO expertise. Firms that promise quick wins often rely upon legal scare tactics and short-term black hat SEO tricks that won’t last. And they certainly won’t be effective against major news outlets like the The New York Times or syndicated networks.


Want the truth?

It’s incredibly difficult to completely remove negative content from Google search. In fact, there are only a few rare instances in which that’s even possible. In almost every case, the only viable approach is to bury negative search results in Google where people won’t find them.


Types of Negative Content that people usually post on the internet to defame individuals or businesses.


  • Sexual Imagery or revenge porn that has been posted online without your consent

  • Personal information that has social security number or account numbers

  • Child pornography.

  • Negative reviews or links against your business etc.


It may not be possible to remove link from google search at times. In such situations burying the negative content will be the only solution. Most of us never look for anything beyond the first page of results displayed. So, if the negative result is in the latter pages then nobody is going to see it. Google and the other search engines love quality content especially that follows the rules of SEO. Creating content is an art and we are specialists at it. We will create rich content with keywords that resemble the keyword of the negative content. Slowly the positive information will stream up and the negative result buries itself deep down. Leave it all in our hands and we will have your reputation back in no time.


Here’s where things get tricky. You really only have four options if you want to get a news article removed from the internet:

  • Ask the website owner to remove it

  • File a defamation lawsuit

  • Ask Google to remove it if it violates their guidelines

  • Bury negative news articles in Google with ORM



However, proceed with caution if you plan to contact any websites. You should seek professional advisement before you reach out so you don’t make your situation worse. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Be courteous and polite

  • NEVER bully people with legal threats.

  • Understand that most website owners may not be sympathetic to your request — especially if the content drives traffic to their site.


Although unlikely, sometimes it is possible to convince a site to take down defamatory content. If the website in question removes a negative article about you but it still appears in your Google search results, you can submit a request to remove outdated content here.


But be warned:

That strategy will ONLY work if the original content was actually deleted. In other words, don’t try to fool Google.