When defamatory and fake news is published online, cybersecurity breaches related to your reputation occur, and intellectual property rights, like your name, for example, are infringed, so that identifying, removing, and stopping the negative search results, are an immediate need because individual or business may incur irreparable reputational harm and monetary damages from a defamatory cyberattack.


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We monitor the web 24 hours a day in order to discover new defamatory cyberattacks under your name and prevent their Google indexing. Our team uses deep web search tools to monitor client’s online reputation, and what is being said about them and discover unfair reputation practices. Our team helps clients find out about these reputation issues and address

them before they become problems.


The Complete Removal of Negative Search Results.


Webcide.com focuses on strategies and disruptive solutions to completely remove unwanted content from the Internet and search engine results and only in the case the legal procedures fail, we then use our advanced suppressing technologies in order to bury permanently the negative content. 


You can take today the decision to change your life forever by changing your online reputation. You do not have to be what people are reading about you on Google.  You know that you deserve much more and whatever is written about you is totally false or mostly not correct. 


Today, we offer you the solution to permanently change your life by removing all the negative information about you that people can find while googling you.  You can suppress forever negative news articles, court records, arrest records, bankruptcy records, negative business reviews and more and we will be happy to provide you with the most advanced online reputation management tools available, in order to achieve it.


You can remove all bad press about you.


You can create a completely new online identity and become open to new business proposals and new life-changing experiences. 


Webcide.com will assist you in whatever is needed for creating your new online ‘story’, including the promotion of your business or expertise. We want to help you make much more money and this will be possible of course by repairing your current online reputation and creating a positive new one that will reflect the real person and business you are.


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Repairing & Monitoring your reputation on Google is extremely necessary. It does not matter if you are an individual or an established brand name or company. it should be your most important responsibility to protect your online reputation. As the name, ORM suggests, it is the process of repairing and preserving reputation of individuals and brands on Google Search Results and on the Internet.

Another term used for online reputation management is brand reputation management.

A good reputation helps the brand to expand its business relationships and business opportunities.



Webcide.com Negative Public Relations helps its clients in maintaining a robust, clean and positive digital presence. We are dedicated to repair and protect and enhance your online entity at all cost. It is your duty to build and mantain a fully positive online presence. The Webcide.com Reputation Team is protecting you from negative online public relations attacks.

Webcide.com mitigates the damage caused by any previous online attacks.


Webcide.com Negative Public Relations can help you to establish an amazing online image.

It is extremely important to maintain such an image that precisely shares your

brand’s genuine values and real business goals.


Not only corporate giants but  also medium and small brands , VIPS and celebrities are concerned about their online reputation. Nowadays, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, professionals and individuals prefer to rely on professional online reputation management services .


Not only outsiders, sometimes even ex-employees from within your company and former disillusioned customers can ruin permanently, the name of the brand; in addition all your busienss rivals and competitors are just waiting for the right opportunity , in order to destroy your reputation.


It is absolutely true that information travels swiftly in the digital world. So, you must listen to what information is being spread about your brand 24 hours a day. That is what Webcide.com monitoring services provide. The peace of mind that, all negative information published about you online can be traced fast and immediately removed. 


Webcide.com Negative Public Relations have all the necessary and most advanced online reputation management tools. Our team consists of experts who work around the clock to defend the online reputation of the clients. If necessary, we also build and shape the entire campaign in a properly planned manner. Feel free to contact us. 


Our Reputation Management Experts will assist you in taking necessary preventive measures before a reputational crisis may hit your brand name. 



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