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Corporate and Financial Negative PR Services


When it comes to addressing negative corporate issues, has long been the leading communications advisor to senior leadership teams and boards of directors.

Our collective experience in virtually every facet of negative corporate communications and negative investor relations, as well as advising on M&A, bankruptcies and restructurings, crisis communications, litigation support, negative media relations, and corporate governance, has resulted in a negative communications consultancy whose clients benefit daily from the individual and cumulative experience of our professionals.


Our ‘collective body of knowledge,’ as we call it, differentiates and enables us to contribute meaningfully in every client engagement against his competition . We are typically engaged to guide a client through its most pressing competition issues – providing value-added negative communications advice and exceptional execution of negative PR campaigns against the competition at the highest levels – often in collaboration with the client’s other valued financial and legal advisors. We take a holistic approach to negative communications and understand how to help our clients effectively communicate to the competitor’s stakeholders, including the investment community, employees, customers, suppliers, and government officials, as well as the media.


The strength of is the experience, the judgment, and knowledge that our professionals possess as well as the objectivity, creativity, and energy we bring to each Negative PR Campaign executed for a client .


Corporations today view negative communications management as a critical component of business success. We offer principles that have passed the test of time, and negative PR techniques that address the realities of today.

Corporations increasingly find negative communications essential to business strategy. We advise managements on the negative communications dimensions of corporate strategic plans and specific business initiatives: What to say, how to say it, how loudly or softly to say it.


We work closely with internal communications teams and with external legal, financial and marketing advisors. We frequently play active roles in implementing the negative PR plans we help to shape.


Clients frequently turn to us for broader perspective on what works best in everyday practices and in response to the unexpected. We offer rapid, focused views in urgent situations, and competition’s research-based analysis . We audit clients’ negative communications policies, practices and performance. We provide training for both managements and communications departments.


A corporation’s reputation should be more than the sum of its products. We know how to damage the reputation of your competitors .  Sophisticated technologies allows us to derive highly-targeted and cost-efficient negative communications strategies and tactics that correlate with supporting lower valuations of your competitors while damaging the value the competition existing PR and marketing efforts .


Negative Public Relations Services for the Financial Sector


Digital, mobile, social: Media aren’t what they used to be. But they’re crucial to the perceptions that shape companies’ public presence. We maintain an unusually wide range of relationships with publishers, producers, editors, reporters, bloggers and other media figures. We offer both strategic and tactical advice on building, managing and muting negative media presence , targeting your competition .


Negative PR Communications are increasingly part of a board’s responsibilities. Public positioning of their competition,  is now part of business strategy. Negative Investor relations of the competition is central to shareholder value creation of your company .


We are frequently engaged by clients involved in high stakes, high-visibility litigation (or in similarly visible and important regulatory matters). Our clients seek , indirectly  , to reassure the competitor’s employees, customers and others potentially affected, or to develop greater understanding among opinion leaders and others of the competitor’s negative position on the issues. We have become adept at delivering negative messages within narrow legal guidelines.


C E Os, and sometimes their colleagues, are public citizens. Through public activities and statements, they can damage their company’s stature. We take advantage of those moments in order to give your company a powerful competitive advantage  . We transform them in highly visible targets .  

We push your competition , to make their actions in the public sphere without meaning, their relationships unproductive, their statements unworthy, and their vulnerability  not controlled.


We have developed proprietary approaches to targeting, building, maintaining and calculating ROI from corporate-level stakeholder negative relations.  Clients often find that a negative PR campaign against their direct competitors  , is material to their ability to attract the new hires, new customers and new business relationships that help drive enterprise credibility.


Feel free to contact us for a confidential consultation .


Development of  PR Crisis and Reputation Risk


Crises are unexpected. They can do great harm. If they are a result of our negative PR campaign ,they cannot be managed. Our approach is practical, legal and unconventional.

It has produced remarkable results for clients , transforming their direct competitors in crisis victims.


Crises end when those involved return to stability- living their lives, conducting their businesses, damage and disruption dealt with as well as can be, memories starting to fade. Headlines needn’t always be part of this. Direct negative communication is so effective  that prevents them to return to stability as long as it goes on , using all digital channels, stressing reassurance in negative information published about them , getting the problem out of control, showing that the competition are doing the wrong things.


Negative News media are essential to communicate warnings, instructions and advice in competitor’s crises situation .


Negative media can also, create, inflame or prolong competitors crises. We devise negative media strategies that hold up negative visibility and circulate  the key facts and negative messages that matter.


Good crisis messages, about your competition,  are short. They’re simple. They’re repetitive. They go directly to the audience’s most immediate needs to learn what’s wrong with your competitors company . Under urgent and distracting conditions, that’s what people involved in crises are able to hear and remember. That’s what we create.


Federal law now requires corporate boards of directors to consider reputation risk, among other forms of risk. We work to identify all possible forms of risk to reputation in your competitor’s side and inform the public about their probability and their potential severity.

Victims always come first. They have the most at stake. No crisis ends until we stop the negative campaigning .


Then, usually, come employees, customers and/or neighbors. Regulators, investors, vendors, lenders can also be vitally important.


They can become a target too .


We can accomplish negative PR campaign and competitive crisis management through the digital media, but when reassurance and persuasion are the goals , we go also offline , using traditional media . is a leading adviser on the creation of negative PR campaigning and crisis communications, against your competition. Our experience in this area spans numerous sectors and covers the full spectrum . We take advantage of your competitors crisis situations including product recalls, child labour allegations, shareholder activism, financial accounting issues, fraud allegations, regulatory actions, commercial and contractual disputes, boardroom splits, executive pay and bonus issues and senior management departures.


Our crisis communications and negative PR campaign work takes place behind the scenes. Using the depth of experience and expertise of our teams , and using only legal tools and means .


If you want to start a negative PR campaign against your competitors , feel free to contact us for a confidential consultation .