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Competitive Negative Public Relations

What is the meaning and definition of Competitive Negative Public Relations? The Meaning of Competitive Negative Public Relations is to create competitive advantage over your rivals by destoying their online reputation.   


Over the past decade, Competitive Negative Public Relations  (NPR) has become a critical function in nearly all Global 1000 companies, but many executives still misunderstand its meaning and impact.


Competitive Negative Public Relations  :defined the activity as the ethical collection, analysis , and promotion of negative information about a competitor , that led to a decision against him .


NPR is Not defamation.  Negative PR uses sophisticated Competitive intelligence that is legitimate strategic and tactical research and analysis designed to identify threats and opportunities.


NPR is Not online slander .  Competitive Negative Public Relations  is a process to alert management and give corporations good approximations of reality, near- and long-term.


Not a simple Google search. Competitive Negative PR  is a means to identify competitive gaps and determine strategy to take full advantage of them .


Competitive NPR comes in many flavors and formats – some very formal and structured, others informal, discreet and confidential .


You need to take out of business your competition? This is what is Negative Online Pr is all about. 


Competitive NPR is a way for companies to improve their bottom line, if management is willing to act on the insights they receive.


Competitive NPR is a process and a way of life for every corporation.


Competitive negative public relations has deep roots in business history – in fact, it’s been around as long as business itself.


Competitive NPR is directed by top level PR professionals and based on critical analysis, a process of experts reviewing and making  use of the negative information.


Competitive negative PR  , is a way for a company to see outside itself into the broader market and competitive landscape.


Competitive NPR is the result of precise qualitative as well as quantitative analysis. is the leader in Negative Online PR : The delivery of timely, in-depth negative competitive and global insight while helping decision-makers illuminate the uncertainties of competitors market .




We are world's number one authority in the field of Negative PR . If you are seriously interested to start a negative online PR campaign against your competitors or  business enemies , we know to execute such a campaign in the most discreet and confidential way , while using only and exclusively legal methods . Feel free to contact us for a confidential consultation . Negative Public Relations