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Competitive Intelligence Search Engine: Business search engine designed for market intelligence



Competitive Intelligence Search Engine :  Business search engine designed for market intelligence . Online Reputation Search Engine is a new online competitive intelligence tool ,actually the Best Free Tools for Competitive Intelligence available today in the market .  


The Reputation Search Engine is searching on the best Search Engines, Web Archives, Open Data Repositories  extracting the best and most updated Competitive Intelligence Data .


If you are looking for competitive intelligence tools , the most updated competitive intelligence technique used daily by  more than 400,000 companies , daily , you must start to search on our Competitive Intelligence Search engine . Reputation Search Engine is the most advanced and free Competitive intelligence solution available today , trusted by leading  companies in USA , Canada and UK .


Competitive Intelligence (CI) is the collection and analysis of information to anticipate competitive activity, see past market disruptions and dispassionately interpret events. It is an essential component to developing a business strategy.


Used properly, CI leads to greater strategic agility — the ability to adapt to changing market circumstances. To become more agile, start by rethinking your competitive intelligence process. That means having a clear definition of scope and role, as well as following a few simple steps — such as mandating intelligence reviews at critical decision stages, ensuring the CI analyst has direct access to and input into strategic meetings and reviews, and smartly tapping an informal internal community of practice.


We help clients from all over the world regain control over their online reputation and enhance their positive web presence. We strengthen existing constructive content, harness marketing and communications efforts and create brand new, high-ranking web assets. In doing so, we boost our clients’ online image and minimize unwanted search results for their name or brand.


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The strategies we employ take all aspects of our clients’ needs into account, and enable us to offer durable, effective and natural looking solutions. Aside from clearing their name, our work promotes our clients’ agendas and communicates the best brand narrative for their cause – by emphasizing their true value and achievements.


When a client approaches us during a crisis, our first goal is containment. We help limit the reputational damage caused by the controversy, and communicate their side of the story with as much online exposure as possible. Essentially, we shift the public discussion surrounding their name\brand from negative to positive.


During this “damage control” phase, we also lay the foundations for reputation recovery, by creating the digital infrastructure required to increase the client’s positive online presence. Once the storm subsides, we use this infrastructure to steer the public eye towards the positive aspects of a client’s public life, contribution and achievements. In addition to fortifying our client’s online presence, this long-term approach also leaves them significantly better prepared should another crisis arise. Negative Public Relations
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