Clinton Cash : The Movie

Clinton Cash - The Movie

Clinton Cash: The Movie . How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary  Very Rich .


This  2015 Movie  by ,  investigates donations made to the Clinton Foundation by foreign entities, paid speeches made by the Clintons, and their personal enrichment since leaving the White House in 2001.


Clinton Cash is an extended, open-source investigation of primarily foreign benefactors of Bill and Hillary Clinton and/or the Clinton Foundation. Based on that investigation, the book’s basic argument is that these relationships a serious conflict of interest due to the fact that so many of these benefactors had commercial and/or political relationships affected by American national policy decisions the Clintons were in a position to influence or control.


“During Hillary’s years of public service,the Clintons have conducted or facilitated hundreds of large transactions (either as private citizens or government officials) with foreign governments, corporations, and private financers.”


As a consequence the Clintons have become rich and their Foundation is worth a whopping $2 billion. Yet through this enormous accumulation of wealth the world has become more dangerous. There is the Russians’ control of worldwide uranium and their concomitant advances in nuclear technology. There is India’s thwarting of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, which President Clinton once greeted with sanctions but ex-President Clinton, after receiving millions in donations from Indians—often corrupt Indians—has reversed himself on along with Hillary. Finally there are the dictators around the world who are welcomed to Clinton Foundation events, people like Kazakhstan’s Nazarbayev, Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia, and Paul Kagame of Rwanda. Perhaps you can imagine their donations going to the Clintons’ noble causes, but can you hear the bones breaking in their prisons? is the World's Leader in Negative Public Relations Services for Politicians and Businesses .



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