If you have already invested time in building out your online presence, and continue to be consistently active on these sites, you will see positive changes over time – changes that can actually last. This is always the foundation we recommend initially when people want to bury negative search results.


However, if you need a little boost with a particular objective in mind – like getting more customers, increasing brand awareness or getting specific kinds of social media engagement, then perhaps you should consider a paid social media campaign.


This does not bury negative Google results directly, but if you do it the right way it can positively affect your campaign indirectly. This is an opportunity to create some traction for a specific goal that you can build on, and send additional signals to search engines that will never hurt your efforts. The idea behind a paid social media campaign should be to focus on the positive content that you are creating, your business or services so that there will be more activity geared toward the properties that you control as opposed to the negative result. Think of it this way, if more people see your content, then there’s a greater chance that you’ll get additional links (which directly help rankings) and organic social media traction (which correlates with ranking increases).


The best way to combat negative results is to suppress them with positive content. Instead of spending time and money on tactics that won’t lead to any long-term solutions, we recommend that you consistently create high-quality content that is search engine friendly. Additionally, regularly engage on various social media sites where you build and connect with relevant communities. This creates a network of relevant, accurate content and web properties that will start rising higher in Google when people search your name. Not only will this help bury negative Google results, but it will protect you from any future negative search results appearing in the future.


Understanding how to remove negative articles from Google is actually fairly straightforward. The real trick is being patient and consistent. This is where most people flounder and get desperate for a quick-fix. However, if you regularly follow the steps we listed above, it’s just a matter of time until you push those negative Google results down.


Simple Ways to Remove Negative Content from Google


Below we will discuss the ways through which you can remove negative content from Google.


DMCA Removal

You can file for a copyright removal or DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) removal if your picture or some content that you own appears on the web without your permission. You can request for the removal of your personal information and other content for which you have copyright via Google’s DMCA form. For instance, if you want to remove your email, phone number, personal identification number, or any government issued number, you can request for the removal of that information from any website through this form.


Request to the Site Administrator to Remove the Negative Content

You can contact the site administrators to remove the content which is affecting your reputation. Write or call them and politely ask them to take off the content which is bad for your reputation from their website.


Removal of Negative and Abusive Reviews

If someone uses profanity on the google my business or Facebook reviews you can report it to Google and Facebook and then they remove it within 48 working hours.


Flagging and Reporting

Some sites like Yelp offer flagging or reporting and would remove certain content that is against their guidelines.


Request the Poster to Remove the Negative Content

Some sites allow the poster to remove content. If you know who posted the info, then try to reach out to the poster to settle the issue and ask them to remove the negative comment. If that does not work you may want to hire an attorney and send them a cease & desist letter.


Take Legal Action

Legal action is one of the most expensive and time-consuming ways for the removal of negative content. But remember, you can never sue the website for posting the content. Because they are protected by the Communication Decency Act Section 230, which basically protects 3rd party sites and forums from liability on what others may post.  You can only sue a site itself if the site owners themselves have posted something about you, that is negative and not been posted by someone else on their website.


So, in case you want to go for legal action, then sue the poster. If you win you can get a court’s order for removal of the negative content. You can present the copy of the order to the site and the search engines. You can hope that they would honor the court orders. Sometimes they don’t!  The sites themselves will often not honor and Google has been known to deny some court-ordered removals.


If you don’t know who posted it, then you need to file a lawsuit with the user name on the website who posted it. Also, show your proof of attempt that you tried to find who posted it. Once you win the case you can present it to the website administrator and Google to remove the negative content and for the website administrator to take it off their website.


Hire an Online Reputation Management Agency to Remove the Negative Content from Google


If you don’t want to get into the legal trouble you can hire an online reputation management agency. They can help you with negative content removal. They can help you remove the negative content quickly.


Push Down the Negative Content

Finally, if none of the above work for you, you can still try to push down the negative content by building up more positive content such as websites, blog posts, and social media profiles and use the SEO techniques to make them appear on the first few pages of the google search. This way the negative content goes down and doesn’t appear and clicked by people. Hence, only positive posts are seen by them.




If you want to remove negative content from google first do research to find out who has done the damage. Then make your strategy whether you want to go legal, hire an online reputation management agency or handle it yourself. The best way is to resolve the issue with the poster of the negative content and ask them to remove it.