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Online Business Intelligence Search Engine : you can use the Reputation Search Engine for conducting brand intelligence and online brand monitoring .


Our Reputation Search Engine is the best  FREE online business intelligence tool available today.


The Business intelligence (BI) Search Engine -  is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help corporate executives, business managers and other end users make more informed business decisions.


Real-time business intelligence (RTBI) is the process of delivering business intelligence (BI) or information about business operations as they occur. Real time means near to zero latency and access to information whenever it is required. Reputation Search Engine  is an approach in which up-to-a-minute negative data is analyzed, either directly from Operational sources or feeding business news on selected search engines .


In today’s competitive environment with high consumer expectation, decisions that are based on the most current data available to improve customer relationships, increase revenue, maximize operational efficiencies, and yes – even save lives. This technology is real-time business intelligence. Real-time business intelligence systems provide the information necessary to strategically improve an enterprise’s processes as well as to take tactical advantage of events as they occur.


Companies are using Reputation Search Engine ,  also , in order to find negative information and data , about people, brand and companies . 

Before entering any kind of relationship , business or personal , before buying or selling something , before hiring , before dating , people will rely on Reputation Search Engine , because they  receive accurate , precise, reliable and updated negative information about the person or company . Reputation Search Engine is powered by Google , the only difference is that it delivers only and exclusively negative search results such as : lawsuits , bankruptcy filing , arrest records , past and present legal issues , negative articles, negative comments, negative customer complaints, scam reports , fraud alerts ,negative blogs , negative forum posts , negative reviews and much more . 


The Search Engine monitors online reviews, blogs, news, forums and social networks .


Our search engine performs text analysis and extracts sentiment, as well as opinions. It measures the quantity and quality of the conversations, analyzes the demographic profile of the audience .


Monitoring and managing your online reputation is vital for your offline reputation. protects your brand, personal name, CEO’s name and improves your overall performance on the web.


 75% of online users are more likely to click on a negative search result than on a positive one. Because of social media, it is now easy for everyone to spread negative content.


How can you protect your name, your business, and your reputation? First step is to monitor your online reputation , for free , on a daily basis , using our search engine . Search Engine , monitors News, Blogs, and Social Media Networks. Our crawler scans more than 100M web pages per hour and extracts conversations, comments, articles and online reviews.


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We remove all possible negative information about you from the entire internet , including all social media platforms . 


Our Cyber Team of Web Engineers , take down permanently , negative blogs, news articles, posts , feedbacks , reviews from the web . 


We make sure that all your negative search results are totally de -indexed from Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Results .