Burying Negative Search Results on Google .


Is it really possible ?  Of course not . Do you really think that Google search engine algorithm is so easy to trick ?


The burying of bed press on Google , a method that was working in the past , is not functioning anymore .


All Online reputation management services continue to sell you the same story : develop your online image by publishing positive information about yourself and your business , and this will push out the negative search results . 


So the real story is one : no matter how many positive information you will produce about yourself , the negative stuff will continue to pop up on page one or two of your Google search results .


Always , just always , because Google algorithms works in this way .


The human mind is working the same way ! 


No matter how much good things , people will read about you , if they will read about your arrests or bankruptcy , this is what they will remember .


This is the pure truth .  That's it , believe it or not . This is how it works .


We remove negative search results from Google ,

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Sometimes the damage is not even your company's fault. There are a lot of disgruntled people out there. They want to make others miserable too. You might be receiving some damaging results right now and not know about it. That is why you need to invest in online reputation repair, sooner rather than later.


Here's the thing, search results are based on algorithms, and algorithms can sometimes be tricky(at best). Search engine results will bolster the favored content. Take a look at the one thing that sells the most: negativity(in general). Most people have no problem saying something negative. Saying something positive( for many people) is a challenge. The goal is to build a network filled with more positive content.




Does link suppression work? The short answer is: yes, it does. Link suppression lets you control the content you want others to see. Link suppression works well for businesses or individuals that are trying to build a brand for greater success later. One bad review can kill everything. That is pushing down those negative results does help. Brands that are more closely monitored by the creator stand a better chance at succeeding.


Do you see negative stories when you search for your brand name or business online? Sites that publish negative information about your brand don’t make it to the top of the search results because they’re dishing the dirt or in high demand. They rank high with Google, Yahoo, and Bing because they incorporate your brand name and other well-chosen keywords in their content and metadata.Replace negative search results with brand-boosting positives search results.


The Internet has a powerful voice. In fact, the opinions of as many as 85 percent of consumers are swayed by what they read online. What will they find about you or your business? Through our reputation repair and management solutions, we give you control of your online image.