Online Reputation Management

New Search Engine For Monitoring  and Repairing Your Brand's Online Reputation 


New Search Engine For Monitoring Your Brand's Online Reputation : managing your online presence ,monitor online competition, monitor online reviews , free of charge .


How to Monitor Your Online Presence ? 


Listen to what people are saying against your brand, online .


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Webcide Search Engine : used by Brands & Individuals to Track all the Negative Online Conversations about them ,Protect your brand's online reputation by monitoring negative mentions . In order to combat inaccuracies and manage a positive brand reputation online, it's important to frequently monitor what's being said about your ...If you are not monitoring your brand online then you are leaving the door open for a potential PR nightmare .


How To Monitor Your Brand Online ?


Brand Monitoring is a strategy that allows you to track all mentions of a company name, product or service that has been added to any online platform .


Brand monitoring has become an essential task for any individual or corporation. Years ago, when people talked about our brands, it was behind our backs and we almost never found out about it. Today, most of these dialogues are right in front of our own eyes and the number of locations where our brands may be cited is astronomical!


We must remember that conversations are being held on the web with or without our consent. That means we can choose whether to be observers, participants or outcasts. Before you select observer or outcast, remember that these conversations can have a negative impact on your brand. Also, when conversations start on the web, like a forest fire, they travel very fast and wreak havoc along the way; what might start out as a mere tweet, may turn into a blog post and then make national news.


Get instant access to online mentions, grow customer satisfaction and sales.


Discover what people are saying online about your brand - as it unfolds in real time. Online Reputation Management Engine gives you instant access to mentions about your brand across the web, from social networks to influential publishers.


React and engage quickly to real-time comments made about your brand. Follow-up on positive comments from your brand ambassadors, or respond to a dissatisfied customer before the story gets ahead of you.

80% of consumers do research or ask online before making a buying decision. Reputation Search Engine gives you the listening tools to find these leads, identify where to promote products and find customers before they find you.


Whether you're a one-person business, startup or Fortune 500 company, helps you discover your digital footprint worldwide. is the World's leader in Negative PR , if you google the term " negative public relations "  or the term " negative PR " , you will see that we are on the top of all search results .


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When bad press hits or when customers complain, you want to be the first on the scene to control damage, assuage fears, and manage the fire.


Whether your brand mention appears in a blog, in media outlets, or on a social network, you want to know how they view your product and your service.


When you know how your brand appears online, you can identify communications weaknesses that need fixing, such as PR, technical communications, or marketing issues.


Quick responses to online mentions, both positive and negative, can enhance your relationships with your customers.


By tracking your online reputation, you can track these crucial issues and control symptoms of these problems – such as negative search results that can harm your brand image. Reputation Search Engine its an Award-winning technology that understands more about your customers’ emotions and desires.


We empower brands and agencies to make the smartest business decisions grounded on the deepest and most reliable consumer insights . Negative PR Agency Negative Public Relations

Unless a company has some very serious systemic issues, the majority of their customer base is likely to be happy – otherwise, the company wouldn’t have made it this far. And when negative reviews rear their ugly heads, those happy customers become your best allies. Your best bet is to increase brand awareness for your company online. In this way, you’ll gain more positive mentions and can encourage reviews without directly incentivizing them. 


Your online reputation is how people perceive your business when they see your brand come up on the internet. First impressions matter and they will determine the sentiment (positive or negative) people develop towards your brand.

The catch? Without a call to action, they’re not likely to be motivated to leave a review. Create one and mobilize your customer base. You’d be amazed by how many people will show up for you. When a stakeholder hears about your brand for the first time—be they a potential customer, employee, partner, or investor—they will almost always Google your company to learn more.


What they see in the search results is essentially their first impression, except it’s even weightier than the first impressions we make as business people at meetings, events, or conferences. To start pushing negative reviews off of Google page one, consider building a web page or microsite dedicated to displaying reviews. Then, you can design an approach to tackle the reviews on third-party review platforms. One of your focus points could be TrustPilot, the platform making the most significant dent in the retail space.


While you can’t incentivize reviews, you can make the review process as intuitive as possible for your customers. Try implementing a program that leverages existing customers and makes leaving post-purchase reviews as easy as one click. This way, your brand can increase the number of positive reviews that mention your company and offset any negative reviews. The ultimate goal is to give prospective customers a more complete story about your products and services.


Unlike in-person meetings, where you can offset an initially bad first impression as you share more about yourself over the course of a conversation, there are no such opportunities online. Stakeholders who are put off by a negative employee review or a critical feature from a journalist when searching your brand will not give you a chance to explain yourself. They’ll simply click away from your site.


Our attention spans online last a couple of seconds at most, and you just wasted the few that someone gave you. In turn, online reputation management (ORM) means influencing how people perceive your business. Or in simpler terms, it means controlling what information comes up when people look up your brand, products or services on the internet negative or erroneous perception on the internet can stagnate growth and immediately compromise sales and marketing efforts. It can also scare away an investor or cause the perfect candidate to apply to a competitor.


Despite the importance of reputation management, the only way for employees to understand its significance is to get it from the top down. Company leaders must communicate the importance of reputation management and operationalize it into a key performance indicator.

Businesses risk losing as many as 22% of customers when just one negative article is found by users considering buying their product!


If 2 or 3 negative results pop up on the first page of SERP for your brand, you stand to lose 44-59% of customers.Besides just those negative reviews, that disadvantageous story could be picked up by the local media. This can have a crippling effect, as trusted news sources tend to rank high in search engines.