First of all, we would like to thank you for your interest in joining

the Worldwide Network


The business model is simple: you offer our services to your network of contacts or to new potential clients that you think may need our services. 


You can present yourself as an online reputation manager at and in those regards, we can create for you a dedicated webpage on our site with your information, so that you can pass it as a link to the prospective clients.


If you ask yourself the question, but if I will promote the services under your name, maybe the client will bypass me and contact them directly

and then I will not get my 50% commission. 


The answer is simple, we give you a coupon code like this " Paul2020" while proposing our services to your potential clients, you give them this coupon code, that actually identifies you with us, but also gives them a 20% discount on our services. So that all your clients will always prefer to make the deal through you,

otherwise they will not get the 20% discount.


Why you can start immediately to offer our services?

We will explain to you here what we offer so that you can then propose it to your network of contacts already now, within the next hour. 


At the beginning, we will provide all information and discuss the services with the clients you found, of course, all copies of emails will be forwarded to you and you will be part of the conversation, in this way you will follow the initial presentation and then the execution of the project, and during all this time, you will learn how it works, how to present the services, how to answer questions.  Those email sessions exchanged with your client will teach you everything you need to know in order to become a top-level online reputation manager. 


Of course, we will send you also detailed information, that you can read in your spare time and learn this profession. 


Let's start first by understanding what offers so

that you will then be able to offer it. 


1) First of all, we offer " Online Reputation Repair and Management Services", please visit our website in order to understand the nature of the service in a more detailed way ( we have a lot of content published). 


Online Reputation Repair means that whoever has negative search results under his personal name or business name, we can remove it from Google, Yahoo and Bing search results, permanently.  The removals include all forms of negative information such as arrest records, police records, court records, bankruptcy records, negative articles, negative reviews, negative blogs, and more. 


We can remove them from the source ( directly from the websites ) or just from the search engine results so that if someone googles you, he will stop to see the negative search results about you. 


There are so many people out there with negative information about them online, sometimes for even minor issues like being arrested a long time ago, for driving fast or driving under alcohol.  Those negative search will stay there forever if they will not be removed. Forever means also after this person will pass away....this is what people will read about him, not a good legacy for the next generations of his, so what we are saying is that there is a huge market for those services. 




$ 9900 USD for the removal from the website and from Google, Yahoo and Bing search results. In this option, we remove it from the source and this means

that even if someone has a direct link to the negative information,

he will not be able to access it.

We mainly remove negative news articles, court orders,arrest records,and more.


All removal procedures are executed by our team of internet defamation lawyers.  The takedown (removal) process takes about 60 days. 


So, let speak now about the additional services. 


2) Positive Promotion of websites and online businesses. Because of the current CoronaVirus situations, all businesses that are selling online either products or services, are maintaining a website. We can promote their website to be ranked on the first page of Google search results for whatever keywords they want to rank for. 


If the prospective client asks you to show him a sample, please ask him to google the search term "negative public relations' and you will see that is ranked on top of page one of Google, even before Wikipedia. 


This is because we have on our cyber team, ex google engineers that are top-level experts in search engine optimization and we use the most advanced technologies for getting ranked on top of Google page one. 


For ranking a website on page one of Google, it takes about 120 days

and the costs are $ 2400 USD.


3) Positive Reviews: all businesses need positive reviews. We can add hundreds of positive reviews to reviews sites for a business that needs it. We have a worldwide network of verified reviewers that can place positive reviews on all platforms such as, Tripadvisor, Google Reviews, Yelp, etc... wherever reviews are needed, we can supply them. 


Costs? It depends on which review's platform and how many reviews needed so that we will discuss each project's needs separately because each business has different needs. In general, a positive review campaign takes about 90 days, it includes about 120 reviews and the costs are $ 990. 


4) Video Marketing: we have developed sophisticated video technologies that allow us to rank on top of Youtube and Google Videos, any videos we want.  This service is very easy to market to a potential client because we can make for him a live demo on Youtube and Google and show him how we rank him on top. If he likes the result, he will be happy to start working with you. For a full Video marketing campaign, we charge $ 1800 USD.  The online video campaign takes 90 days. 


What is your commission?  50% of all the above-mentioned prices.  


How do you get paid?

Very easily: we get paid and pass you the 50% or you collect

the money and pay us 50%.


Payment is upfront, and if someone wants to feel more comfortable, he can pay on Paypal so that his payment is covered by a full refund guarantee. 


So how to start? Who do you have to contact? How to contact them? How to propose the services. 


The easiest way to start is to contact the people and businesses you already know: maybe you know someone that got arrested and has some online reputation problems to clean up...maybe some negative articles published against them or their company...a lof os us as skeletons hidden online,

and you can offer to clean them up. 


Contact all businesses and companies you know, offer them all the services listed above. Remember that it is very important to understand first their needs. 


Go online and check their websites and their online reviews. Check how they are ranked on Google. See if they have negative information published online. We will send you a separate link, that will teach you how to check the online reputation needs of a company or private people.


Now, what is happening if someone needs the services, but does not have the money to pay? In this case, you can tell him that if he presents to you a client that will pay, we will make his project for free. 


In this way, a client brings another client. 

How to contact this first circle of people and businesses that you know?

Very easily: by phone, by email, by Facebook, by Linkedin, by Whatsapp, Telegram or any other messaging app you have.


You can tell them that you are our partner or one of our reputation experts, we do not limit you, just advise us how you presented yourself so that we will know what to say to the client you introduce, in case they ask.


This is the basic information, you need in order to start.  Of course, much more information will be provided to you, we just do not want to bury you with too much info, let's start step by step, in a secure way.


Looking forward to starting successful cooperation with you!


The Reputation Team