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How to Remove your Ashley Madison personal details from Google ?


On Wednesday, an organization known as Impact Team released the names of 37 million users of Ashley Madison, a dating site explicitly for married men and women to cheat on their spouses.


More people than the entire population of Canada awoke to find that their extramarital affairs were public for anyone with a mastery of Google to discover. The really bad news are , that more and more websites , started to publish those lists , on the open internet ,and this means that everyone that will google your name , may find those records on the first page of Google .


If you are afraid that your personal records on Ashley Madison will reach Google , and everyone will be able to access them easily , its time to take control of your name's search results on Google . is an expert in this field . We can help you free of charge , contact us for a free and confidential consultation at


Ashley Madison names are about to reach the open internet , their entire database will be soon, searchable on Google . A few websites and bloggers started to publish the entire information online , for all to see .


If you are a victim of Ashley Madison , and want to make sure that your personal and discreet Ashley Madison records , will not be visible on Google , contact us for a free and confidential consultation .


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Has your name appeared on the hacked Ashley Madison leak ?


Hackers say they have posted the personal details of millions of people registered with the adultery website Ashley Madison. Has your name appeared on the hacked Ashley Madison leak? 


Do you need to remove that negative webpage , bearing your personal and discreet information , permanently ? Contact us for a free and confidential consultation .  

If you’re worried about appearing on the list, yourself, you don’t need to download Tor or scour Pirate Bay for the right Torrent. At least three sites are republishing Ashley Madison’s user data on the public-facing Internet.


This means that your private chats will start soon to show up on search results , when googling your name . We can help you prevent, this enourmous embarrassment .


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