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Are You a Victim of the Ashely Madison Hack?


Are you afraid that your name will be exposed online? can make sure that your name will never pop out in connection to the list of Ashely Madison’s website clients exposed in the hack. 


We are handling all kinds of leaked databases available online, including the ones on the deep web.  


Do you need to clean up your name from the Ashley Madison hacked list? Our cybersecurity engineers already removed hundreds of names and blocked any type or relisting or publishing of the names on the internet.


You have been registered on the Ashley Madison website and now you are deeply concerned that people who will google your name will see that you were a member on this platform?


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With some 32 million users reportedly exposed, the hack of “the most famous name in infidelity” is bad for the company, bad for its users, and undeniably awful for their spouses. If you want to check if you ,or your husband, wife , boyfriend, or girfriend was registered on Ashley Madison website , there are a few websites that enable you to search if certain emails was registered on Ashely Madison .


Ashley Madison search sites , like Trustify , and Have I been pwned( Enter your email address to see if your sexual preferences and other information was exposed on Ashley Madison or Adult Friend Finder. )  are harvesting email addresses and spamming searched victims . Firstly, when people use a search services like this, one of their primary fears is that their information will be used beyond the scope of what they’re providing it to you in.


Understand what data is out there , maybe you do not have to be under pressure . The Ashley Madison breach exposed information on as many as 36 million users. Because the website didn't have any way of verifying the email addresses used were accurate, much of the information is phony. However, it's important to know what information is available to hackers, including addresses, dates of birth, email addresses, ethnicities, genders, names, passwords, payment histories, phone numbers, security questions, sexual preferences, usernames and website activity. There have been reports that some Ashley Madison users have been receiving blackmail threats via email or text. This is likely to increase in the coming days.


"This illegal data dump represents a bonanza for scam artists of every stripe, from every corner of the world; we are going to see everything from phishing emails to blackmail attempts, against a range of different parties, not just people who signed up at the site"


It's also likely spammers will use the information from the data dump to send out mass emails hoping to lure someone into paying to avoid embarrassment. If you receive such a solicitation, you should file a report with your local police. If extortionists have your information from Ashley Madison and then can mine more from social media, then you could have a recipe for disaster. Make sure all social media accounts are set to private so people can't identify your friends or family or share information with them. If you used a real, active email address for Ashley Madison, stop using it and open a new account. It's also a good idea to change your password on accounts about every three months and avoid using the same password on every account.


Make sure to change answers to any security questions (mother's maiden name, first high school, etc.) related to any accounts.


And if you used a credit card to access Ashley Madison, cancel the account.


Extortionists are perpetuating an even more blatant scam targeting outed Ashley Madison subscribers. It threatens to notify family members, friends, and employers of the recipients' relationship with the dating site unless they pay about $225 in anonymous Bitcoin. Unfortunately, there's absolutely nothing people exposed by this hack can do to prevent incriminating data from being available to anyone with a moderate amount of motivation to find it.


In case your name is on the list , take into consideration that there are ways to hide the exposed details, and you need to take immediate actions before this information will be available to anyone across the web . will help you 100% free of charge . If you are a victim of this hack and needs to secure that your name will never appear on google search results , related to the Ashely Madison website , we will be happy to help you .


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