Online Reputation Management  is an high-end corporate, strategic, and financial communications company . We are differentiated from our peers by the breadth and depth of the services we offer to clients, by our competition problem solving approach, and by the global reach of our international network. offers online reputation management tools that provide control of the customer’s brand in search engines. began with a simple vision: The vision of a world in which everyone, from businesses and brands to celebrities and private figures, have a say in how they are portrayed on the Internet. The rise of digital communication has brought with it many benefits, but also many dangers—specifically, the danger of online defamation. was founded to provide tools and strategies for combatting online attacks, and though the company has grown exponentially in recent years, it remains very much committed to that original vision.

The firm was founded by a group of direct response marketing professionals, all of whom knew from first-hand experience how damaging a malicious online attack could be. They set out to develop the resources necessary for defending their names and averting Internet defamation—and quickly realized that such resources could prove beneficial to companies and people everywhere.


With that revelation, was born.

Now, is known as one of the top companies in its industry. A foremost name in online reputation management and brand enhancement, the company is known for its technological innovations and its client-centered services, in equal measure.

Even the company’s client list has expanded a great deal since those early days. Webcide.comnow manages numerous high-level, international reputation defense accounts, for highly public figures and companies. These include Fortune 100 brands, celebrities, professional athletes, government agencies, and political figures. In addition, makes its services accessible to private citizens, small businesses, online marketers, and beyond.

Known for its investment in R&D, has pioneered many of the technologies that now come as standard-issue among reputation management firms. proprietary technologies are accessible through its one-of-a-kind reputation monitoring and management hub, the Command Center. At the Command Center, clients and non-clients alike can monitor their online reputations using best-in-class reputation monitoring tools, which scour the Web with greater depth than even Google or Bing. is also distinguished by its range of services. The company is adept at providing clients with control over their Google search returns, removing unflattering and malicious listings from the public eye and instead highlighting listings that reflect positively on the client. The company has also amassed proprietary methods for providing clients with control over their Google AutoComplete and Image Search results.

The company calls upon a vast arsenal of resources as it seeks to attend to its clients needs—including not just its proprietary technologies but also a team of domestic journalists and content creators, whose role is to craft original online assets that establish the client’s brand as a brand of choice. also owns and operates internationally-respected and influential blog networks and news syndicates, affording it ample opportunity to establish a client’s reputability on a large scale.

Through all of these tools and resources, endeavors to put the needs of its clients first, and to provide them with total control over their Internet portrayals.


These efforts have earned the honor of being the world’s #1 online reputation monitoring and management firm. As the reputation management industry continues to grow, continues to adapt alongside it, and to make every effort to render the Web a safer place for companies and for people. is the first and only online reputation management company that permanently removes negative information about you and your business from Google Search Results .

No Upfront Fees , No Monthly Retainers.


Most of our clients are publicly-owned corporations, both US-based and international. We also advise private businesses, individuals and medium size companies.


Our international network, was formed to connect us with leading PR agencies in the financial centers of the world. We now work with 13 agencies in 24 countries on four continents. These established relationships have become essential as the global dimension of business activity has grown.


Our team are all accomplished in the disciplines of digital communication , reputation risk management and search engine optimization ; they also bring to us expertise in law, finance, strategic planning,  digital media, electoral and regulatory politics, investment banking and corporate management, all available to clients as needed. is an industry-leading strategic communications firm focusing on corporate and financial negative public relations, negative investor relations, issues management and crisis communications and negative public affairs.


Our senior professionals have extensive experience that we put to work to develop a deep understanding of a competitor’s operations, culture, negative storylines and negative issues. As a result, we help our clients deliver the right messages to the right audiences, using a range of platforms , all based on digital channels. has a strong track-record of building long-term relationships with clients, who consider us a trusted resource — especially when the stakes are high and confidentiality it’s a must .


We are a team of professionals with backgrounds in finance, marketing, politics, law and journalism. Each day we are in direct contact with key news organizations, analysts, shareholders and opinion leaders on behalf of our clients. Our programs reflect a highly developed ability and profound understanding of how to work across the entire spectrum of audiences and intermediaries.


The offerings provided by our company are set to meet and anticipate our clients’ negative PR and negative communication needs in a demanding and dynamic marketplace. These dynamics and our approach enable us to provide a range of high-value services and handle a diverse range of assignments. mission is to ensure that our clients engage to best possible competitive effect with all relevant competitor’s stakeholders across capital markets, government, business and consumers.


Our business is structured across all major industrial sectors, providing  negative media relations, negative investor relations, crisis communications, litigation support, creative negative consumer campaigns and digital expertise.


We are acknowledged as a leader in Negative PR advisory, with a long track record spanning the full spectrum of financial, corporate and negative investor communications.


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