If you’ve been arrested, here are dozens of websites publishing your arrest information and mugshots online. Paying to remove one mugshot at a time becomes an endless loop; remove one only to have another (buried deeper in Google, Yahoo or Bing) take it’s place. Not only is this approach ineffective, time consuming, and frustrating, it’s also extremely expensive.


At Webcide.com , we search our online database of over 300 mugshot companies throughout the internet and compile a list of these sites which have published the personal data online. Once we have established which sites have posted the arrest, our team will work to have them de-indexed immediately. Once these pages are terminated, our IT specialists will work to remove all traces of the arrest on all search engines; it will be as if the arrest never even happened. Our process takes only a few days to complete and is backed by our 100% money-back guarantee. If any of the links should reappear, we will remove them at no cost to our client.


The past several years we have diligently focused on establishing direct communications with these companies along with perfecting various means and methods to offer quick and affordable removal solutions for our clients. The billable time spent by an attorney to try and accomplish what we can already do successfully and efficiently, would not be cost effective. This is the reason why many attorneys hire our experienced team of professionals to suppress their clients mugshots. Our work is guaranteed and if any of the sites should ever re-appear, we will deindex the links at no cost to you.


Expungements refers to official government agencies and their records only. Not the private or commercial sector. Unfortunately, the laws surrounding third party use of mugshots online are unclear at best. There are no statutes in place when mugshots can or can’t be posted by for-profit websites. Nor are there rules about when (or if) a website is ever required to remove them or update their records. Regardless of the outcome of the case, a website is not obligated to update or remove a snapshot of time which at one time was public record. There are few sites which claim to accept expungements and out of those few, most requests go ignored. Also, many of these sites operate offshore where US law does not apply anyway. Trying to sue or enforce any current or future US laws on a website operating in a country like Pakistan or Russia has its challenges.


Popular Mugshot Sites



  • Arrests.org

  • Arrested.com

  • ArrestFiles.org

  • Arre.st

  • Arrest-Mugshot-Search.com

  • BustedMugshots.com

  • BailbondCity.com

  • CountyJail.com

  • CriminalFaces.com

  • Jail.com

  • JaildDB.com

  • JailBase.com

  • JailAlert.com

  • JustMugshots.com

  • LookYourBestUnderArrest.com

  • MugshotExplorer.com

  • MugshotSearch.org

  • Mugshots.com

  • Mugshots.Mobi

  • MugshotsNow.com

  • MugshotExplorer.com

  • MugshotsNow.com

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  • Mugshot-Media.com

  • OpenPasts.com

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