Negative contents affect you or your organization in several ways.


Some of such ways include:


Credibility: Negative content about you on the Internet will harm your credibility and negatively affect how people see you or your organization. Depending on how severe the information on the negative content is, the effects could go as far as court actions that could have you sent to jail or your organization closed down.


Reduction in Sales: Most people will only do business with a credible organization. When people find out negative content about you online, it would lead to loss of sales and by implication, profit.


Considering you have many competitors, most people will quickly decide to use one of your competitors instead, even when you were initially their preference. A lot of companies have lost millions of dollars and folded up just because of negative content about them getting to the Internet.


Spread of Such Negative Content: The more information about you continue to show on the first page of search results, the more people get to know about it. Those who see it from the search engine could create other posts online or talk about it to other people offline. Furthermore, it might also feature in people’s research and books.


Thus, the information could quickly spread within a very short while, giving you a very bad reputation.Considering bad information spread faster than good information, even when you later try to clarify the issue, your side of the story might not receive as much publicity.

Thus, most people will be stuck with the information from the negative content they have read about.


It is as a result of these damaging effects that online reputation agencies attempt to help people manage their online reputation.


A lot of organizations and individuals have been ruined due to negative information about them on the Internet.


In some cases, such information could be false, but not being able to quickly remove the information result in its spread and their subsequent downward spiral.The cheapest form of publicity is bad press, but trust us when we say this; it isn’t what you’d want to associate your business with, in the long run. At times it so happens that competitive businesses try to malign their competition by dragging their name through the dirt on every opportunity possible. While certain times it also happens that product failure or delay in service leads to customer dissatisfaction and hence the bad reviews.
As a business owner, you would want to tackle every situation at hand and leave nothing to uncertainty. This can happen only when one is well informed about the practices of ORM and what it takes to set the SEO right. As it is known, bad news travels fast online which means that one needs to tackle it as it comes with the right strategies. And, only professionals have tried and tested ways to achieve the best positive results for you.


There are many things that can tarnish your business and personal name when it comes to anonymous online mudslinging. Some commonly observed issues by experts are as follows:

You wouldn’t be able to keep track of those uploading such data or tracing the ones who are keen on spreading the word around. ORM is a process that calls for expert help.



1) Keep your calm and own up to it if you or your business is at fault, if not then too. It is essential to get your point across peacefully and try not to be rash.

2) Get in touch with the webmaster of the site in order to take down the particular article from Google. If that does not help you can even ask Google to assist you. It’ll take time though.

3) Publish good content and positive stories on your site in order to direct the audience’s attention elsewhere while you deal with the problem.