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Webcide.com can remove every single piece of negative information existing online about your Brand and Company .


Our Cyber Team of Reputation Engineers , will clean up all negative reviews , articles, blogs and feedbacks about your Brand Name , from all websites that are using your brand name , in a negative way .


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Webcide.com Reputation Search Engine is a Free Tool For Monitoring Your Brand's Online Reputation


Do you pay attention to what people say about you on the internet?


Occasionally Googling the name of your company, product or service might not be enough.


The time to start managing your online reputation is before it becomes a problem.


If you want to take a more proactive approach and be notified whenever something positive or negative comes up .


Brand monitoring, often referred to as social media listening, is essential to building relationships with consumers and protecting your brand’s reputation.


Do you know what's really being said about you?


When consumers have something to say, everyone can hear it – everywhere. How good is your social media listening?


Can it discern what's really important for your business?


Accurate data is a game-changer. You can’t afford to react or make decisions based on misleading data.


It used to be enough to just monitor social media. But with billions of conversations happening daily, you need true intelligence.


Make better decisions based on actionable data gathered from social listening tools. Finally. The true potential of social media, captured in a single platform.


Simply type in your keyword, and instantly see what people are saying – both in real-time and historically – on any topic across the social networks you care about. No complicated queries, no limits on results. Discover influencers, find new and related topics, and get insights into the communities that matter most to you.


Monitoring your brand in social is table stakes today. Take it a step further and turn social conversations into valuable business insight when you use Webcide.com Reputation Search Engine.


Listen to what people are saying about your brand, your products and your competition and stay a step ahead of the social web.


The tool’s crawlers search the web for conversations about your brand from major social networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as news sites, blogs, and forums. A highlight of the tool is its four-stage filtering process. Once the the information is gathered, its powerful filtering process ensures that  any irrelevant information, such as spam and sales material, isn’t included in the data.


This is a great tool you’re interested in how your brand or your competitor’s influence and perception has evolved over time.


Online Reputation Management by Webcide.com helps brands extract business-changing insights from social conversations.


Find out how social listening can help you make smarter decisions across your business.


Webcide.com Reputation Search Engine enables you to check out how many mentions your brand has across the internet, where they are coming from, and how far the comments have reached. The tool gathers data from a staggering 70+ million sources that include social networking platforms, forums, blogs and news sites.


It’s a great tool for those of you who want to monitor your brand internationally, as it identifies and delivers conversations in over 27 languages. The product gives you comprehensive results, but also cleans out data for any spam, duplication of information, and sales materials. It also analyzes each result for the date and time the information was uploaded, the exact location, sentiment analysis, and analyzes it by topic.


Discover the conversations, people and trends impacting your business from any corner of the public web.Track real-time conversations about your brand, products, competitors and industry across 80+ million sources in 44 languages.


Put your insights to work and make your business smarter, one decision at a time.


Power and optimize your marketing, PR, reputation management, lead generation, product development, customer service and much more.



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